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ManeTame 3 in 1 Hot Hair Dryer Brush and Best Blow Dryer Brush Set with Dryer and Straightener

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

ManeTame 3 in 1 Hot Hair Dryer Brush and Best Blow Dryer Brush Set with Dryer and Straightener

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



The Device That Combines the Power of Blowdryer and Straightener in One

Our hair is taken to another level when it’s neat, elegantly styled, and clean. But let’s face it – styling our hair can feel like an insurmountable task especially if we’ve just finished bath time and our hair is dripping wet. Blowdrying and ironing can make you feel that styling your hair is no longer worth it. Thankfully, there’s the ManeTame – a 3-in-1 hair dryer brush that combines the benefit of a blowdryer and the ability of the straightener to achieve a straight, sleek look.

Why Choose ManeTame

Now picture this – you, ready to style your hair before your work or your special event. Instead of reaching out for both the blow dryer and the flat iron, you only go for the ManeTame.

With the ManeTame, you won’t have to deal with two separate hair styling tools. The ManeTame can add volume to the air, while the heat from the brush can increase the straightening qualities of the device. 

The ManeTame significantly cuts your styling time by 50%! Having this tool means you’re never going to be late anymore! You can style your hair any time you like, and you won’t have to worry about straightening your hair nonstop the whole day.

The improved heat technology in the ManeTame increases styling speed by 70%. In just 20 minutes, you can have straight, sleek, bouncy hair.

You will love the ergonomic design of the ManeTame. Its handles are comfy to the hands – you won’t feel any arm sprain while you’re styling your hair.

With better bristles, you can eliminate significant hair tangles only with ManeTame!

ManeTame Topnotch Features!


The ManeTame Comes Protection from Overheating That Can Cause Danger!

What happens when the hair dryer overheats? Unlike other blowdryers that blow up when the heat goes overboard, the ManeTame comes with protection against overheating. When the dryer reaches a certain heat point, it will automatically turn off. If this happens, wait for 5 minutes before turning on the device again.

An All-in-One Styling Hair Dryer Brush

The device – a hair dryer and straightener in one – can help you do several hairstyles. You can use the lightweight, professional hair dryer brush to dry your hair, add volume to your locks, or if you want to add a bouncy curl to your hair.

High-quality Hair Dryer That’s Easy to Use

The salon-worthy 3-in-one hair dryer brush delivers high-quality hair care in just a few minutes. This convenient, travel-worthy hair dryer brush is so easy to use. There’s no need for complicated processes to get beautiful, bouncy hair.

The Hair-dryer Brush That Comes With Ionic Technology

Compared with traditional hair curl tools, the 360°negative ionic technology can nourish damaged hair, make hair crystal smooth, prevent further hair damage, and leave hair looking like you just came out of the salon.

Hair Dryer Brush with Anti-scald Features

The heat won’t hurt your scalp as the device instantly regulates the intensity of heat coming out of your hair. You can enjoy hairstyling without the pain!

A Great Gift for Loved Ones

A great thing for your friends or other females who likes doing hairstyle and hair care. They can make hairstyles by themselves with this hair dryer comb and love it!


  • Product Type: Hair Dryer Comb
  • Materials: ABS Holder; Nylon Bristle
  • Condition: New
  • Age Group: All Ages
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Hair Type: All Hair Types
  • Maximum Temperature: 57℃
  • Power: 1000W
  • Type: Brush Dryer

Package Included:

  • 1* Hair dryer
  • 1* Straightening accessories
  • 1* Curly hair accessories
  • 1* Fluffy accessories
  • 1* Instruction manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
whitney W. hines
Works great!

Great barrel size for my length hair. I have very fine hair, so I use the low temperature, which is more than enough to dry and style quickly. I start with my hair about 80% dry, and if it’s too dry I’ll mist it with water. Don’t try to style with sopping wet hair- that’s not what this tool is made for. Swivel cord makes it easy to maneuver, and the smaller barrel size is great for my length hair.

Sarah D. ross
Amazing hair dryer brush.

This hands down is the best deal. My hair takes forever to dry and I hate using my blow dryer and a bush to style so I decided to give this a shot because how inexpensive it was. I was amazed. I with I got this a long time ago. It is so easy to switch out the attachments and it works so fast. I will definitely recommend this to anyone.

Alexandra D. fleischman
Great product

I love this product sense not having use of my hands fully my sister does my hair and she thinks it’s great. It’s nice to have my hair looking so good as it used to

Emily S. Cockrum
Highly recommend

I cannot live without this Hot Air Brush. I have horribly thick, frizzy and curly hair and I am completely unskilled in hair taming. I know that more skilled people than I can create some pretty nice hairstyles with this but I simply use it to dry my hair. I've only ever used the wider barrel attachment. Within minutes I go from shower wet hair to dry smooth straight hair with a nice wave and some volume. I rarely use my flat iron anymore because this does such a good job. I only use the flat iron if I want it stick straight.
I originally bought this many years ago and when the motor died I bought another product that was only 500W, big mistake. I threw it away and bought another one of these. It can get pretty loud but it's the only one I found that will dry my hair nicely. About every 5 years I wind up buying a new one as I have run the old one into the ground.
I have recommended it to some friends that had never seen anything like this before and were hesitant to try it, but they wound up loving it.

Rosa D.mcConkey
Yasssss Queen

Love! I had a similar one for year and it broke. This one rotates and makes “round brushing” so easy. I get a beautiful straight or curled look with it. Couldn’t be happier!