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DazzLocks 5 in 1 Hair Dryer Brush

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

DazzLocks 5 in 1 Hair Dryer Brush

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Create All Different Waves and Styles like a Real Pro With DazzLocks Hair Dryer

Are you losing your confidence because of bad hair days? Or are you trying to figure out what kind of products will help you achieve that volumized and flowy hair? Look no further and get that salon-like hair every day with DazzLocks. A 5 in 1 hair dryer that dries, straightens, volumized and curls hair depending on what you prefer— the answer to beautiful and never dull hair moments.

Hairstyling has never been this easy—with DazzLocks 5 in 1 technology, any type of hair curling and styling is already achievable within a few minutes. It has 3 heat modes and quick-drying features that cater to your hair needs while saving time. At the same time, it has a 360-degree power cord that makes it easy to use and a great gift to any age group. It is really the ideal hair dyer for every girl out there!

Why Choose DazzLocks? 

  • A 5 in 1 hair dryer: The hairdryer brush has multiple functions such as drying, curling, straightening, plumping, and inner buckle to meet your various styling needs and create a different beauty.  An easily interchangeable brush head makes it easy to disassemble and clean.
  • It has a 3  mode heating system to cater for your needs: With 3 adjustable heating levels, you can customize the temperature to achieve endless looks and styles. Low temperature or low wind for thin and fine hair. The cool setting for locking in your hair styling. High temp or high wind for thick and coarse hair. Temperature control allows you to choose the optimum one to fit your hair type.
  • It lets you achieve beautiful and dry hair in just a few minutes: You can quickly dry your hair and reduce loss.
  • Includes a 360-degree power cord: The long power cord can rotate for 360 degrees, which will not cause you trouble in the process of making your hairstyle.
  • Easy to use and operate: All kits are easy to disassemble, and each kit has significant effects and can create the most suitable hairstyle for you.
  • A great gift to your loved ones: As no woman does not like to dress up, this very high-end and practical device is the right gift for them!


DazzLocks is a 5 in 1 hairdryer brush that straightens, curl, style, straighten hair at once. It targets massage points, relaxes your scalp and gives a fantastic feeling.

The power cord of the hair straightener brush rotated 360 °, allowing you to create your beautiful hairstyle easily. Additionally, the multi-small hole design provides strong heat dissipation. The oval brush’s design and the comb teeth’s length are different, so you can conveniently use this to make your hair softer and fluffier before going out.

The three-speed design, the high-quality equipment, and the lower the noise make DazzLocks stand out among the rest. Our single-step blow dryer brush has triple temperature protection and ceramic coating technology, with a constant temperature that does not harm the hair. At the same time, its improved noise reduction design can reduce noise and provide a comfortable experience.

The one-step hairdryer can produce negatively charged ion particles and water vapour particles. Negative ions can saturate airflow and neutralize static electricity in hair to reduce frizz and add shine to silky smooth hair. This helps you achieve the dark and smooth hair that you aim for.
The hairdryer brush can be given as a gift to a lover, for mother’s day, sisters and friends to help them manage their stubborn hair too!


  • Blade Material: Carbon Steel
  • Voltage: Global Universal(100-240V)
  • Power Type: Electric
  • Weight:0.95KG
  • Three-temperature heating: Low, medium and high (off).

Package Includes:

  • 1* Paper Gift Box
  • 2* Hair Curler Irons
  • 1* Hair Dryer
  • 1* Hair Brush
  • 1* Hot Comb
  • 1* Holder
  • 1* Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Emily W. Diamond
Easy to use

It is very easy to use. Drying period is quicker compared to a regular hair dryer. I am used to dry first my hair and then use an iron. With my long and thick hair, it will take me atleast an hour to finish. But with this one is like 5-1. Dry and straight at the same time. I love it and will definitely recommend to my friends!

teresa K. hinton
Highly recommend

If you found this review helpful, please click helpful!Ok so I’m a self-proclaimed hair tool addicted. I have super expensive tools and cheap tools. Out of the cheap tools I own, this one is the best.easy to use-dries hair quickly (I do recommend doing this on almost dry hair if possible though)-Curl actually stays. I usually have no problem with getting Curl to stay all day in my hair, though. It’s wavy and fine which makes it easy to style.Wow! I love it!

Janine R. crutcher
Listen, this is amazing!

Listen, I bought this on a whim! I have extremely curly hair that takes 10 hours to maintain! By the time that I get the results I’m looking for I’ve got three drinks in, sometimes I got to take an hour break because well let’s face it… it’s not an easy task to tame long curly hair! I used this dryer for the first time this morning, 30 minutes that’s it to tame this lion’s main! I’m completely shocked, for the price I am absolutely thrilled with the results! If I could give 10 stars I would!

Beverly E. Brown
Works great!

I am natural and washday is always a chore. This brush cut my drying time in half and gave me a straighter result. I highly recommend!

Mark B. crossland
Happy wife, happy life!

When my wife asked me to replace her hair dryer I got this one because I have purchased a few DazzLocks products for myself, my brother and my son and I trust in the quality. So, why not my wife? Well she loves it. Says the dryer is faster and more efficient than her previous one and she likes it better overall. And I'm all about pleasing her. Like the saying goes, happy wife equals happy life so if she likes it, I love it!!