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BubbyJets Kiddies Bike Bubble Machine

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

BubbyJets Kiddies Bike Bubble Machine

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Make Every Moment Fun and Exciting with BubbyJets!

Learning how to ride a bike is one of the best ways to engage your kids with fun, brain-developing activities this summer. It benefits their physical and mental health and proves to be one of the best exercises to improve kids’ focus and drive to learn in school. However, the problem is that most kids see summer activities more as a punishment than an enjoyable opportunity. As a result, they feel reluctant or scared in learning the skill, especially if they appear less interested in it.

Introducing the BubbyJets

Kids love bubbles. It stimulates their brain and gets them all giddy and excited. BubbyJets is an automatic bubble machine that you can attach to your kid’s bike and emphasize the word “fun” while learning. It’s a way to encourage interest through fun-filled, free play and ensure they don’t feel forced to perform the activity. With BubbyJets beautiful bubbles, your kid’s imagination is activated. It allows them to lead, at the same time, maintain a playful atmosphere that they’ll love to share with their friends.

Why Choose BubbyJets for Your Kid’s Learning Opportunity?

  • High-quality Materials:BubbyJets is made with controlled and approved non-toxic materials, making it the safest toy to promote your kid’s imagination. Even if they bump or fall, BubbyJets will keep the atmosphere playful so that your kids won’t feel scared the next time they ride their bikes.
  • Easy To Operate: Knowing how to fix or operate things is a learning opportunity for your kids too. It’s one way to keep their interest and promote the valuable lesson of “caring.” BubbyJets comes in an easy-to-operate design that kids can do on their own. It needs two simple steps only: attach the bubble machine below the seat and activate the motor.
  • Two in One Activity: The BubbyJets Bubble Machine is a unique and fun way for kids to combine two activities simultaneously. It gives them a great sense of adventure and engages their imagination in performing the activity.
  • Great Durability: Our automatic bubble machine comes in a sturdy composition that makes for long-lasting fun. It doesn’t easily break, even if how many times your kids fall.

The Perfect Gift for Summer!

Parents love the BubbyJets. With its easy-to-use and quality design, it’s built to deliver a fun-filled and exciting bike riding experience anytime. Your kids deserve a memorable summer, and let BubbyJets be the reason they’ll enjoy playing outdoors with their friends again.

Product Specification:

  • Material: Plastic
  • Type: Bubble Set
  • Age Range: 5-7 Years
  • Age Range: 8-11 Years
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Shape: Cartoon
  • Features: Non-Toxic
  • Features: No-Spill
  • Plastic
  • Type: PVC

Package Contents:

  • 1x Bicycle Bubble Machine
  • 1x Set Fixed bracket
  • 3x Battery