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GaiaFun Elastic Smog Bubble Machine

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

GaiaFun Elastic Smog Bubble Machine

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Level Up the Bubble Fun!

Looking for a new and exciting way to play with bubbles? Experience a unique bubble-fun the GaiaFun Elastic Smog Bubble Machine brings. It’s the best bubble maker kit for kids and even the kids at heart. Our bubble toy is ideal for indoor and outdoor playing or as a way to take the fun up a notch in every party, festival, or family gathering.

The GaiaFun uses elastic smog to fill bubbles with smoke—a level up to your regular bubble experience! It’s 100% safe for kids to play and guaranteed environmentally friendly. We call it the “Most Special Bubble” since it makes bubble play more interesting, engaging, and mesmerizing than ordinary bubbles.

What Makes GaiaFun Extra Exciting?

🌈Touching Bubbles Freely

Here’s a different way to play with bubbles: touch them! Put on a glove and let the bubbles stay on your hands for a longer time. Bounce it up and down, and say “magic!” Kids will, for sure, be astonished by this fun and exciting interaction and drive their imagination.

🌈Safe and Improved Design

We’ve made our GaiaFun using high-quality materials and finish it with exquisite artistry to ensure a non-toxic and safe use. It comes with a round and smooth surface to prevent sharp edges and burrs. It’s 100% guaranteed safe for children’s fingers and skin.

🌈Great for Parties and Gifts

The GaiaFun is a great addition to spice the fun in picnics, birthday parties, barbecues, dances, stages, weddings, etc. It is also great for children’s birthday or Christmas gifts. We assure you that kids will love the GaiaFun. It’s an exciting and unique way to play with bubbles that will make all kids jump with joy.

🌈With Multiple Styles Option

We bring you different styles and colors to choose from. Choose one that most excites you and enjoy every moment with the GaiaFun. We’ve designed our bubble machine to look appealing and playful for kids of all ages so that they can use their imagination when playing with their friends.

🌈Gradient Effect and Soft Sound

Create a world filled with magic and charm with GaiaFun. The designed gradient effect and soft sound introduce a fun-filled, free play that promotes kid’s imagination. With our unique bubble-making design, kids will love every minute spent with the GaiaFun.

Package includes:

  • 1* Elastic soaking machine
  • 1* Pack Bubble Liquid (10ML)
  • 1* Atomizer
  • 1* Leak-proof cup
  • 1* Gloves
  • 1* Sling
  • 1* Rechargeable Battery + Cable