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BonBaba Automatic Outdoor Bubble Machine

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

BonBaba Automatic Outdoor Bubble Machine

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Bring Endless Fun This Summer with BonBaba!

Sometimes, the simplest things bring the most happiness. And for this summer, you don’t have to go all out of your means to make your little ones happy. All you need is a simple and creative way to turn their frown faces upside down—and a little bubble play will do the trick!

Our BonBaba Automatic Bubble Machine will bring all the fun you need to make a memorable, fun-filled childhood experience for your kids. With its playful aesthetics and catchy songs, kids will love to play with it anywhere they may go. It even comes with a sturdy handle and animal light projector to promote physical exercise and encourage imagination. With BonBaba in your arsenal this summer season, we guarantee your kids will cherish every moment.

Why Choose BonBaba?

  • Indoor & Outdoor Bubble Machine Toy for Toddlers: Kids love playing with bubbles! They can easily carry this bubble machine around with them in the backyard, park, playgrounds, and lawns, enjoy the beautiful and fun-filled atmosphere the world of bubbles brings. For you toddlers, there’s nothing more delightful than floating bubbles to chase, catch and pop!
  • More Attractive for Kids: Our bubble machine produces bubbles while playing music. It’ll turn every outdoor or indoor party and activity into a more lively and exciting world. The BonBaba also comes with a light projector showcasing different dinosaur species to encourage learning. The rotating gear is designed with a beautiful diversity of colors fostered specifically for children’s color perception. 
  • Kid’s Best Summer Toy: The Bonbaba can blow out thousands of rich bubbles in every minute to provide a charming, colorful, and dreamy atmosphere that kids absolutely love. Plus, its colorful light and jovial music, combined with the giraffe shape, make the product a fun-to-have toy.
  • 100% Guaranteed Safe for Kid’s Use: Both the bubble machine and solution are made of safe and environment-friendly material, harmless to kids’ eyes, faces, and skin. The integrated handle design makes the bubble car more stable for kids to use freely.

The Perfect Gift for Kids

What kid doesn’t like bubbles? So if you’re looking for the PERFECT gift for your kid’s birthday, BonBaba Automatic Bubble Machine is a MUST-HAVE. Our design combines fun and learning into one beautiful toy that kids will absolutely love. It blows more than 1,000 bubbles to create an exciting and dreamy atmosphere that promotes your kid’s imagination. BonBaba is suitable for preschool boys, and girls age 2 -12 years old.

What to Expect with BonBaba?

  1. Realistic Sounds: Our automatic bubble machine features realistic sounds and blows more than 1,000 bubbles per minute, creating a fun-filled and exciting atmosphere for your kids to play.
  2. Playful Aesthetics: BonBaba’s giraffe-shaped bubble machine will make all kids fall in love and play with it. With a mix of radiant colors designed to trigger kid’s interest, they’ll cherish every moment spent with the BonBaba.
  3. Safety & Quality Control: Our design is made of safe and environmental materials, including a round edge design to provide maximum security for your kids.
  4. Easy to Operate: There’s no need to push the BonBaba Bubble Machine to make it work. It only takes a single press of a button, and it’ll produce a barrage of beautiful colorful bubbles.
  5. Sturdy Trolley: Unlike other bubble machines, the BonBaba combines both fun and learning into one activity. With our attached trolley, kids can improve their physical strength while playing with our giraffe-shaped bubble machine.

Refill and Operate with Zero Hassle!

Kids hate it if they see things a little complicated. Therefore, we’ve made sure that our BonBaba produces bubbles easily without any hassle. All it takes for it works is a single press of a button, refill the bubble tray with the included solution, stir, and you’re up to experience a wonderful world full of beautiful bubbles.



  • Color: Yellow/Pink
  • Material: Plastic + Electronic Components
  • Size: 43.5 x 40.5 x 12.5cm

Package Content:

  • 1x Children’s Bubble Trolley
  • 2x 50ML Bubble Liquid
  • 1x Charging Cable