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DiaNailz 72W UV LED Nail Lamp

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

DiaNailz 72W UV LED Nail Lamp

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

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If you’re a big fan of beautiful nails, you know the struggle of waiting for nail polish to dry. If you do your business without waiting for the polish to dry up, you could lose all that glam off your nails. So what do you when you don’t have time to wait for your nails to dry up?

Our 72W DiaNailz UV nail lamp is all you need need to give your nail a professional salon look all in the comfort of your own house and space. Dry your Nail polish and paint varnish in no time with our powerful 72W DiaNailz UV lamp. It has 36 pieces dual light source LED beads and four drying modes and timer settings to choose from which will enable you to get your nail polish and varnish dry quickly with an absolute professional salon look.

  • High Power :72W UV LED lamp with 36 pcs LED lights, uses the world’s most advanced UV LED lamp bead wavelength (365nm + 405nm) to better cure gels such as Gel/CND Shellac. With 99s low heat and painless mode to prevent skin burn and irritation.
  • 4 Timer Setting:10s,30s,60s,99s(low temperature mode),4 timer with large LED display, after selecting the time setting the LED large display will start counting down.
  • Automatic Induction:  Our DiaNailz LED nail manicure lamp uses infrared sensor which enables LED lights to automatically come on once fingers are placed inside the lamp and the light will go off once the figure has been removed from the lamp.
  • Ergonomic Design: The: The Ergonomic design of this product makes it easier to carry and use at any place you want and the removable base plate makes it easy to apply the foot inside as it has a larger interior.
  • High Quality Product:  This product is made up of high quality material and  it is very easy to operate. It can be used by individual family members or in salons. It is also the best gift for your girlfriend, mother and sister. 
  • Warranty: We offer 1 year Warranty on this product and also after sales service if you need any help.
  • Delivery: Free Delivery on every product purchased from our store.


– I / P: 100-240VAC 50 / 60Hz.
– Power: 54 W
– Color: White
– Timer: 10S / 30S / 60S / 99S
– Product size: L : 23.6 CM / W: 21 CM / H: 11 CM
– Plug: EU, USA, UK, AU plug are available. (Please send the corresponding receipt according to your country.)
– UV led nail lamp
– Fashionable and elegant design
– Fast and efficient
– Suitable for all kinds of gel nail polish


  • STEP 1: Clip your nail to an appropriate length. Cap the nail edge, file the surface of the nail, remove the cuticle, trim the edge.
  • STEP 2: Apply a thin layer of the Gel Polishes according to its usage instructions to the clean, dry nail without touching the cuticle or skin alongside the nails.
  • STEP 3: Connect the power cord to a secure outlet. Use the appropriate timer (30s/60s/90s low heat mode) as per your gel polish’s requirements.
  • STEP 4: Please note that curing time vary based on gel polish brand. DiaNailz UV LED nail lamp works well for all kinds of gel polishes, not for regular nail polish.
  • STEP 5: If gel polish is a little sticky after curing, please wipe your nails with a gentle cleanser or rubbing alcohol to get rid of the sticky residue left behind.

What’s in the Box?  

  • 1x 72W LED lamp
  • 1x Manual
  • 1x USB charging cable