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LunaGlam Portable UV LED Nail Lamp

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

LunaGlam Portable UV LED Nail Lamp

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Are you someone who loves beautiful nails but you’re always on the go? Do you live for fancy nails, but you just don’t have the time to wait for them to dry up? When you don’t let your nails dry properly, you could end up having botched nail designs. If you’re over getting bad painted nails because they take so long to dry, check out the LunaGlam nail drier UV lamp!

Tired of waiting for your nails to dry? We designed LunaGlam to help you with this problem. Portable, compact and easy to use, the device will help you dry your nails in 60 seconds.

Foldable Compact Design

Made from super quality plastic, LunaGlam is very light and easy to carry. Bring it with you anywhere you go. It fits in your pocket!

Thanks to its foldable design, LunaGlam saves space and you can carry it with ease anywhere you go.

Only 60 seconds

You just need to give LunaGlam 60 seconds to get the job done. Thanks to its 6 UV LEDs delivering 6 Watts, LunaGlam is capable to dry your nails in a record time.

Multiple Timing Functions

LunaGlam offers you two operating modes:

– 45 seconds

– 60 seconds

A simple press on the timing button allows you to choose which one you want.


USB Compatible

We have designed LunaGlam to be compatible with the USB technology. You can use any USB charger with your UV Nail Dryer.

Long Life

LunaGlam offers you around 50.000 hours of usage. You will get tired before it!





Package Includes

  • 1 * LunaGlam
  • 1 x Instructions
  • 1 * USB cable

How To Use

1. Apply a thin layer of the Gel Polishes according to its usage instructions to clean, dry nails without touching the cuticle or skin alongside the nails.

2. Use the appropriate timer(Press ON/OFF button once for curing 60 seconds, second press for 180 seconds, press and hold for 3-4 seconds, to keep it on) as per your gel polish’s requirements.


  1. Do not let water or other liquids enter the machine, otherwise it will cause machine failure.
  2. The dry time is based on the UV content of the gel brand that you choose.
  3. When the surface of lamp is dirty, please unplug the product adapter. Keep the lamp turned off, then wipe with a neutral detergent to clean it.