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VaniTouch Double Sided Light Mirror with 3 Light Modes and 10X Modification

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

VaniTouch Double Sided Light Mirror with 3 Light Modes and 10X Modification

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Get Two Mini Vanity Light Mirrors in One!

Have you ever tried to make the best makeup look only to see that you’ve missed a spot, your foundation is uneven, and the blush you used does not actually complement your skin tone? A lighted mirror with magnification can help with that!

Now, you can have your professional makeup mirror at home with the VaniTouch double-sided light mirror with 10x magnification! 

You no longer have to endure bad lighting or mirrors that don’t let you see the details of your makeup! The VaniTouch 10x magnification and 3 light modes will help you achieve your favorite makeup looks wherever you are!

Why Choose the VaniTouch Double-sided LED Lighted Mirror?

It’s a 2-in-1 mirror – you’re going to get your money’s worth! You’ll get one makeup mirror for checking your overall makeup look, and another to magnify the details!

It has a top-notch magnification that allows you to see every detail of your makeup. With an impressive 10x magnification feature, you will get the right colours, conceal the right spots, and use the right products.

It comes with great light quality. The VaniTouch has 21 LED lights – you can be sure you can see the finished look of your makeup in the best, clearest way.

Three light modes make doing your makeup more precise! The adjustable light modes of the VaniTouch allows you to choose the best light that suits your preferred makeup look.

Made with mirrors that show the clearest colour quality. The VaniTouch has a lens that shows the truest quality of the colours.

Great for travelling! This portable LED light mirror is compact, easy to put inside bags and luggage, and 100% lightweight.


VaniTouch Double Sided Lighted Mirror Features

Two Mirrors in One. The VaniTouch offers two lighted mirrors – one for checking the make up, and one for magnifying the reflection of your face.

Includes 21 LED Lights for Great Illumination. The light of the VaniTouch is professional-level. You will feel like you’re sitting on a pro’s makeup chair. The lights are bright enough to help you not miss anything.

Rotatable Lighted Mirror to Get Any Lighting Angle You Want. The lighted mirror can be rotated at 360-degrees. This mirror can cater to different lighting angles!

10X Magnification Allows You To See Every Tiny Detail. The 10x magnification of the VaniTouch is so precise, you won’t miss any unblended concealer, or foundation mixes that don’t match your face. Step out of your house looking a 10 with the help of VaniTouch.

3 Light Modes for Different Makeup Needs. You can find a lighting mode for different makeup looks! You can choose from cool, natural, and warm for both day and night makeup looks.

Rechargeable Lighted Mirror that Can Last Up to 3 Hours. A long-lasting battery allows you to bring this mirror on the go.

Gives That Ring Light Effect to the Eyes! Complete your look with a gorgeous ring light effect on your eyes just like celebs and models!

Product Specifications:

  • Mirror Material: Metal
  • Size: 7×12.8×5.3 Inches

Package Includes:

  • 1 x light mirror