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TourchShot 180-Degrees Sunset Projection Lamp

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

TourchShot 180-Degrees Sunset Projection Lamp

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Turn any room like the picturesque sunset of Ibiza with TourchShot 180° Sunset Projection Lamp. This out-of-the-box projection lamp is inspired by the three colors of the sun—sunset, red sunset, and rainbow color effect. The device uses a unique optics technology that emits a brighter and gradient sunset-like light for a much realistic feel every time you turn it on.

The TourchShot functions like a conventional lamp, but comes in a more lightweight structure. You can take it anywhere you want whenever an inspiration to shoot an OOTD or if you feel like missing the sunset of your favorite paradise. Just plug it in and enjoy the view with your friends or family.

Experience the Vivid and Bright Color of the Sun Anywhere!

TourchShot 180° Sunset Projection Lamp is fitted with a customized high-transparency lens and a high-power luminous core to deliver a realistic sunset-feel light. It’s brighter and more saturated compared to other projection lamps you’ve seen. In other words, the light emitted is much more defined and not scattered. All you need to do is use an output of less than 5V 2A power back or charger to connect the lamp. If not, the lamp will flash, making the experience less enjoyable.

Stable and Durable, Withstands Long Use

TourchShot 180° Sunset Projection Lamp is made of aluminum alloy to guarantee a stronger and harder surface than plastic. This feature protects the device from breaking even if you accidentally drop it. So, wherever the mood for a summer paradise drinking sesh with your buddies or an outdoor-inspired party seems impossible to achieve, turn the TourchShot on, and your backdrop is set.

180° Rotation

Adjust the lamp according to your liking. The TourchShot lamp head can go up to 180° instead of 90°. It’s made of thick wires that ensure the lamp won’t break regardless of how many times you rotate it.

Easy Take Out

TourchShot 180° Sunset Projection Lamp comes with a 5V 5W USB power supply, a cable with a switch, and 1.2 meters long USB cable. When it comes to size and weight, the TourchShot lamp is very compact. Its dimension is 10x10x27cm and weighs only 600g. This makes the TourchShot highly portable. You can take it anywhere you like—at a party, family gathering, or photoshoot—it will not disappoint!

TourchShot 180° Sunset Projection Lamp is Perfect for:

#1. Setting a Romantic Mood

The romantic view and deep colors change the vibe instantly by creating a perfect atmosphere for chilling alone or with your partner. It sets up in a moment like a lampstand without any hassle. You can bring the thrills of a romantic summer vibe into your room any time of the day. There’s no need for windows or clear skies just to enjoy the magical setting the sunset creates! Just plug in the TourchShot and let everybody know how you spend quality time on Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok.

#2. A Perfect Gift and Party Backdrop

Sunset Projection Lamp is the hottest product on social media, and TourchShot is the best choice. Buy it as a gift for a friend, or use it to level up your next party. This out-of-the-box lamp will make everyone smile. The TourchShot is made of high-quality aluminum alloy housing and high-quality optics to make the summer vibes at your home a reality. It will not break even if used for a long time, and it’s 100% adjustable to work every angle. In particular, our lens is a customized high transparency lens. You will find the light is fuller and more vivid.

#3. Illuminate Your Life With The New Sunsetlamps™

Turn your place into a charming, sun-kissed space! SunsetLamps™ gives you the best sunset or rainbow in any room when life needs a romantic moment.

#4. Take The Best Shot Ever

The lights cast amazing circular lights on the walls, ceiling, and floor. The farther the distance, the larger the projection that can be projected on the wall or ceiling. Take aesthetically pleasing pictures of you, your loved ones, and your pets today!


  • 1 x Projector Lamp
  • 1 x USB Cable


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