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TootsieFlux High Quality Foot Callus Remover

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

TootsieFlux High Quality Foot Callus Remover

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Get Rid of those Unsightly and Unwanted Calluses Effortlessly!

Are you embarrassed and tired of seeing those rough, tough, unyielding patches of dead skin on your hands and feet? Does it affect your self-esteem whenever you opt to wear casual clothes and slippers, thinking that somebody might see your hardened and discolored calluses? Worry no more and bring back your confidence with TootsieFlux’s help.

Time to get rid of those stubborn calluses in a safe, non-abrasive, and skin-friendly way with TootsieFlux’s latest technology. It helps remove all your dead skin and nastiest, hardest, oldest calluses instantly! It also has a modern, simple, and portable design that makes it easy to use wherever you may be. At the same time, it is 100% rechargeable, so you’ll not be restricted with cords and complicated operations. Time to set aside all those gels, skin softeners, and other rituals just to remove those unwanted calluses and switch to TootsieFlux to get instant soft and even skin starting today!


No More Sharp Blades Needed To Remove Calluses In Your Feet

Calluses develop in response to pressure and friction on your feet and can get very painful if not taken care of as soon as possible.

With this callus remover, a gentle Nano-abrasion head spins at over two thousand RPM to provide fast and clean results. So, unlike hand-held foot scrapers and files that are nothing more than a set of tiny blades that slice through your skin, this callus shaver grinds down the dead cells quickly and painlessly.


No More Painful, Sharp Blades That ‘Grate’ Your Feet!

No cutting, no pain, and no need to worry about going ‘too far’ and leaving your poor feet damaged and sore.

Because of the abrasion action mechanism, the foot callus remover is also a perfect smoothing tool for removing that fine layer of dead skin cells and leaving your feet smooth and revitalized in seconds.

Built-In Vacuum Means You Have No Mess To Clean Up

The TootsieFlux technology vacuum quickly sucks up the dead skin, cells, dirt, and hardened calluses as a finely-ground powder, for a mess-free pedicure you can do anywhere

Now you don’t have to spend time watching a pile of skin shavings having to deposit on the carpets that you will have to clean and dispose of once you are done. You can take care of your feet while on the go!

  • This callus remover includes 2 Speeds that are safe for your skin– It is super easy to use. Just press once to let it smooth any dead skin. Press it twice and remove the nastiest, hardest, oldest calluses and suck it up in just a few seconds.
  • TootsiFlux has a rechargeable battery that is long-lasting making it portable and available wherever you are – With this rechargeable foot shaver, you can remove dry and thick calluses anywhere and anytime.
  • Its super gentle feature will take make your feet soft and beautiful – Unlike other foot files the 2000 RPM rotation function removes calluses by polishing them away rather than scraping the skin.


  • Material: metal, plastic
  • Weight: Gross: 0.39lbs/ Net: 0.61lbs
  • Power mode: rechargeable

Package Included:

  • 1 x Foot Callus Remover
  • 1 x USB charging cable
  • 1 x Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Cheryl J. mcDonald

my boyfriend has really calloused heels from working long hours in his worn out work boots and refused to go to the salon with me for a pedicure, so I decided to bring the salon home and purchase this product. It worked wonders! Gentle and effective and it comes with so many useful tools. I transformed his dry cracked skin into soft new feet! Great tool to add to your list of self care items!

Melissa J. Davis
Great product

I've had a battery operated callus remover for several years. It always lost power so quickly and I was constantly going through batteries. This electric one though is amazing! I've had it since June and I've only had to charge it once and it still is performing like it is at 100%. I love all the different roller heads. Makes keeping my feet nice and soft all summer long really easy! I wouldn't hesitate to order this again for gifts!

Carole L. jackson
Gets Rid of Dead Skin

For those of us with excess dead skin on the heels of our feet, this is what you need to smooth them out. The best way to use is after a bath or shower, that is, pat dry, then use. I have used this once about two weeks ago and my heels are as smooth as they were when I tried it. Highly recommend this product!

David M. broadhurst
Works great!

Okay, gross picture, but this seriously SAVED my feet. I ended up with two bad blisters on my heels after some serious hiking, and for whatever reason, the skin “healed” as this sort of cracked, dry, peeling, GROSS callous. I waited it out a few weeks and moisturized like crazy and did every foot mask I could get my hands on, but it just wouldn’t change.

Ray K. Wilson
Love it!

Love this handy little gadget! Have wanted one for years and finally broke down and treated myself! Money well spent! My old tired feet are now smooth and callous free and look much better!! Highly recommend it!!