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Sparklara UV LED Nail Lamp – Fast Curing Nail Dryer with 4 Timer Settings for All Gel Polishes – Ideal for Home and Salon Use

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Sparklara UV LED Nail Lamp – Fast Curing Nail Dryer with 4 Timer Settings for All Gel Polishes – Ideal for Home and Salon Use

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Hello, nail care connoisseur! Are you tired of waiting for your nails to dry? Fed up with smudged and ruined manicures? Well, your nail prayers have been answered! Introducing the Sparklara UV LED Nail Lamp – your new best friend in the world of nail care. This isn’t just a nail dryer; it’s a ticket to the fast lane of fabulous, flawless nails.

Imagine the freedom of doing your nails whenever you want, without the hassle of a salon visit. Picture yourself sipping your morning coffee while your nails cure to perfection under the gentle, yet powerful light of this lamp. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, with Sparklara, it’s a reality.

Say Goodbye to Long Waiting Times

  • With Sparklara’s 36pcs UVLED combined light beads, your nails will be ready in no time. It’s like having a mini sun at your fingertips, minus the sunburn!

Cures All Gel Nail Polishes

  • Whether you’re a fan of base coat, top coat, color gel, hard gels, builder, acrylic, sculpture gel, or gem glue, Sparklara has got you covered. It’s like a universal remote, but for nail polish!

Fast Curing and Time Saving

  • With an auto sensor and 4 timer settings, you can sit back, relax, and let Sparklara do all the work. Plus, the large LCD screen will keep you updated on the curing time. It’s like having your own personal nail technician!

Ideal for Salon and Home Use

  • Its compact design makes it perfect for both professional and home use. Plus, it’s designed to cure 5 fingernails and toenails at one time. Talk about efficiency!

High Quality and Durable

  • With a worry-free 12 months warranty and friendly local customer service, Sparklara is a purchase you can feel confident about. It’s like buying peace of mind!

So, what are you waiting for, nail care connoisseur? It’s time to step up your nail game and embrace the future of nail care. With Sparklara, you’re not just buying a product; you’re investing in a lifestyle of convenience, efficiency, and fabulous nails.

But don’t wait too long! With a product this good, stocks won’t last forever. So, grab your Sparklara UV LED Nail Lamp today and start experiencing the magic of fast, flawless nails. Remember, good things come to those who don’t wait!

Technical Specifications

For the tech-savvy nail enthusiasts, here’s the lowdown on what makes Sparklara tick:

  • 36PCS UVLED combined light beads
  • 4 timer settings: 10s/30s/60s/99s
  • Auto sensor for on/off functionality
  • Large LCD screen
  • Suitable for all types of UV gel and LED gel nail polish
  • Removable bottom tray for easy cleaning and pedicure

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Sadie Robinson
Great product!!!!


Savannah Earley
Oh yeah

Let me start off by saying these are sleek. They are the perfect size. I love that you can put hand in and it starts also you can hit a timer. It has a low mode to help with spiking(I haven’t tried out yet. I am a professional nail tech as well

Tiffany Gay

Amazing! My husband bought me this lamp on Black Friday for a great deal. So far, so good! I cured each layer 60 seconds. I honestly didn’t expect it to be this great for the price.

Irene Brown
Work really well

Love it works well and drys gel nail polish fast.

Nancy Johnson
The best “at-home” LED gel manicure light!

For the past 10+ years, I have been giving myself a manicure on Sunday nights. I have finally pieced together the perfect “at home nail kit.” I like to keep my nails pretty short because I type a lot and because I’m constantly doing dishes, laundry and gardening.