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SeaGalore Adult Bikini Set Realistic Mermaid Tails

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

SeaGalore Adult Bikini Set Realistic Mermaid Tails

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

What is a Swim Monofin?



  • Maximum Comfort & Safety
  • Patented Design
  • Dive-Grade Neoprene Cover
  • Unbreakable Polypropylene Insert
  • Realistic Mermaid Tail Shape
  • Quick-Release Method Ensures Easy Removal

Relieve Your Mermaid Dreams Again!

Every girl who grew up with Ariel, Aquamarine, Attina, and so on has dreamt of being a mermaid princess one day. Some might have that chance in their childhood days, while others are still wishing for that time to come.

With SeaGalore, you can relieve your mermaid dreams and live in a fairy tale. Our realistic mermaid tails take the beauty and grace of these fabled marine creatures and make it a reality for the young at hearts. You can take it to your next summer vacation and snap a few Instagram-worthy shots.

Why Choose the SeaGalore?

  • Comfortable Material: The SeaGalore Mermaid Tails are expertly crocheted from acrylic fibers that have been designed for ultimate softness, as well as durability. We guarantee that the materials used in the design are breathable, cozy, and soft for you to enjoy.
  • Self-Designed Fish Scale: We want to make you stand out at a pool party or summer escapade. Hence, we’ve designed our mermaid tails with a dynamic, charming, and unique aesthetic that’ll make you the center of the crowd.
  • Bikini Set: Unlike other brands, we offer a complete bikini set to complement the mermaid tail’s beautiful aesthetics.

Uniquely Designed For You!

We’re proud to say that our SeaGalore Mermaid Tails are designed using premium-grade materials that are comfortable and safe for you to wear at sea, pool, or even the ocean. It conforms to your body shape perfectly to give you that breathtaking figure every time you snap a selfie for Instagram.

I love how detailed the SeaGalore Mermaid Tails are. We used it at my friend’s costume party and everyone loves it! I highly recommended this if you wish to be a mermaid at least once in your lifetime! — Trisha, Verified Purchase

Enjoy Beautiful Patterns

Our mission in designing the SeaGalore is to make it as realistic as possible (with a touch of playfulness, of course!). We do this by creating beautiful ocean patterns that add dynamics and charming aesthetics so that you’ll be the center of attention once you wear them.

Sizing: Perfect for Kids and Young at Hearts

The fascinating world of mermaids is best shared with your family. Our SeaGalore Mermaid Tails come in various sizes that fit all body types. So whether it’s for your kids, cousins, or your “under the sea” dream come true, the SeaGalore Mermaid Tail is suitable for you.

Package Include:

  • 1* Mermaid Tail