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MedivaHum 11-cm Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

MedivaHum 11-cm Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Make Meditation Possible… Wherever You Are

In this busy, stressed-filled life, meditation has become so important. Meditation is proven to bring to the mind clarity, peace, calm, and a release of stress. However, meditation can be challenging – especially if your living conditions and your work schedules don’t give you the luxury to easily fall into a meditative trance. Thankfully, there’s MedivaHum, a Tibetan singing bowl that will signal your brain to become more mindful, and ready for your meditation sessions.

Allow the Vibrations to Welcome Positive Energy 

Each gong you make on the MedivaHum will reverberate a vibrating tune that invites your brain to focus and forget about external distractions. Each sound from the MedivaHum is meant to relax and pacify the raging mind and emotions so you can be ready to welcome positive energy. You can literally forget the noise with this ancient singing bowl.

Benefits of MedivaHum

✔️ Reduces Stress and Anxiety. This Tibetan singing bowl releases tunes and vibrations to calm the heart, mind, body, and soul.

✔️ Allows Deep Relaxation. The music allows you to focus better and literally forget the distractions of the outside world.

✔️ Best for Holistic Healing, Spiritual Healing & Reiki Practice. With the MedivaHum, you can elevate the way you heal one’s energy. The out-of-this-world focus you can experience from MedivaHum allows positive energy to flush away the negative vibes running through you.

✔️ Self-Hypnosis. Enter into a trance with the help of MedivaHum.

✔️ A Great Home Decor and Gift.

MedivaHum Features

Sourced From The Mountains of Tibet. The MedivaHum is created in the mountains of Tibet. It’s sourced from the ancient pillars of meditation. It’s like bringing the benefits of Tibetan meditation right inside your home. Guaranteed authentic.

Made with 7 Different Holy Metals. Get the most stunning of sounds and vibrations with the MedivaHum. The singing bowl is made with 7 key metals that represent the essential elements in Tibetan meditation – lead, tin, iron, copper, mercury, silver, and gold.

Includes a Cushion That Doesn’t Cause Sound Dampening. While other singing bowls come with cloth bases that subdue the sound, the MedivaHum does not. The beautiful cloth base for MedivaHum is low maintenance and allows the sound to reverberate better.

Comes with a Sturdy Wood Striker. Create all sorts of sounds with the durable, high-quality wood striker made from pure wood.

The right size for better sounds. The MedivaHum comes just at the right size to fill small rooms and spaces with ease. It’s easy and portable to bring in your studio, office, and outdoor meditation space.

Quality Checked by Meditation Experts. The bowl has gone through the quality test from Tibetan meditation experts to ensure you get the authentic experience.

Package Include:

1 x Handmade Meditation Bowl

1 x Hand-sewn Silk Cushion(Random colors)

1 x Mallet covered with leather

There are four sizes for you to chooses

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Crystal Cochran
It sounds amazing!

This product was a gift for a family member. I also purchased a third one at the same time for myself. I love it! The sound of the bowl is beautiful and so relaxing. The vibration feels wonderful. It is lovely looking piece that will compliment any room, but definitely will find it’s belonging in the right space to be placed in. I know my family member will enjoy it when I ship hers to her.

Lisa Renteria
I honestly can't believe how good this sounds!

Let me tell you, I've never used one of these a day in my life, but I was speechless when I heard this thing sing. I was a bit hesitant to purchase this but I'm so glad I did! I found myself absolutely mesmerized by how beautiful this sounds and how effortlessly I was able to get it to sing. If you're thinking about purchasing this I would definitely recommend it.

Myrna Tijerina
A beautiful singing bowl

I received my singing bowl, which was fantastic. The singing bowl is of excellent quality and performs extremely well. What a beautiful, awesome craftsmanship. The sounds are spiritual, soothing, and puts you in a meditative, positive space. It's also a beautiful decorative addition to my living room and it emits a tranquil resonating note after a few minutes of practice.

Tina sSeymour
Beautiful clear tone.

I loved the look of the bowls but weren't sure what the quality would be like but it was exceptional.
I use this to meditate, striking the bowl, eyes closed and concentrate on the sound until it has completely gone. Its a beautiful clear sound.

Rachel yarbrough
A very happy customer

Okay I've seen these bowls for years and didn't think twice about them. I am so pleased with my purchase. I wanted to upgrade my meditation practice and I can't believe I'm just now getting it. The sound is So calming for me. It's pretty and simple all at once. I would give it as a gift. And I definitely would purchase again. It's worth the price.