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MagvaSmooth Electric Foot Scraper and Callus Remover with Built-In Dead Skin Vacuum Adsorption

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

MagvaSmooth Electric Foot Scraper and Callus Remover with Built-In Dead Skin Vacuum Adsorption

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Elegant Looking Feet at the Comforts of Your Home with This Electric Callus Remover!

Callus removers should be three things – effective, portable, and great for everyday foot care. All these three qualities can be found in the MagvaSmooth electric callus remover. This portable, high-quality electric callus remover is designed with one thing in mind – to help foot care fans get the best results they are looking for!

The MagvaSmooth is not only elegant-looking – it also delivers an excellent and neat job in making sure no callus remains on your foot! The device is great for intense foot care, and daily foot care maintenance. If you’re a big fan of beautiful, smooth, luxurious-looking feet, the MagvaSmooth should be on your list!


The Best Foot Care in Minutes!

In just one minute, you will get smoother, cleaner-looking feet. You won’t have to endlessly scrub again and again exhausting your arms. With the impressive 2-speed setting of the MagvaSmooth coupled with its sandpaper head, you will get cleaner, smoother skin with less time and less effort!

Hygiene is the Priority!

Are you a big fan of making sure your device is always clean? Look no further – the MagvaSmooth comes with a changeable sandpaper head. You can replace the head every time you do foot care so you won’t have to worry about dirt and germs staying on your device and transferring on your foot.


  • The 360-degree rotation delivers 100% care for your entire foot. The scrubbing action of the MagvaSmooth ensures each spot on your feet is properly cared for. No more exhausting hand motions – the MagvaSmooth does that for you!
  • The device comes with 2 speeds! Do you need different settings for various foot needs? The MagvaSmooth has that. The device comes with a low and high setting. The low setting is best for everyday foot care, while the high setting is perfect for intense, once-a-week foot scrubbing!
  • With removable sandpaper for great hygiene. You won’t have to use the device with the same head again. If you’re worried that germs and dirt are still sticking on your foot scrub’s head, the MagvaSmooth is perfect for you. It comes with a removable sandpaper head you can easily change each use.
  • Professional care at home! This device is trusted by professional foot care experts. When you have the MagvaSmooth, you can experience salon care at home without the expensive price tag!


  • Charging time: 3H
  • Working time: about 100min.
  • Power rating: 6W
  • Speed: 2 speeds
  • Power by: USB

Packcage Include

  • 1* Electric Foot Grinder
  • 1*Power Cord
  • 1* Cleaning Brush
  • 1* Fine/Medium/Coarse Head
  • 1* User Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
norman A. Shaw
WOW. Just WOW.

I cannot even begin to describe what this has done for my feet. My heels were horrible. I used the coarse roller pretty extensively on both heels the first night, followed by a deep moisturizer. Now, it’s not a miracle worker - I still had some hard spots on my heels. But overall, after one use, my heels are still softer than they’ve ever been, and even walking is less painful. I’m still using it a bit every night (I’ve also felt the pain of scrubbing it too much), but I am so impressed with how much better my feet feel so far. Less than the cost of a pedicure, but works SO MUCH BETTER!!

James Smith
Just do it...

I love this thing! If you're anyone like me who suffers from easily dry feet throughout the seasons then you understand the embarrassing struggles. Like not being able to get on a bed or a couch without sounding like your feet are shredding everything up in their path. Well, with this MagvaSmooth my feet have been suffering so I needed to give myself a Spa and was on the search. My cheese grater of a tool was just making my feet sharper and I damn near tore my whole sheet to shreds by the time I woke up! Anyway, I found this product and couldn't best the price!DO NOT THINK TWICE just buy it IMMEDIATELY like I did.I think it works amazing!!!Now my feet are so soft and smooth!In love

Ronald G. Ballard

Look, I never expected to need to remove some rough skin from the soles of my feet but turns out, I did. Don’t worry, I’m not uploading and before and after pictures, enough people have done that so you can see the effectiveness of this product.
I will simply tell you this, after 3 uses of about 10 minutes each, my issues were resolved. Unless you have major issues that probably require professional or medical attention, this will get the job done and bring back the smoothness you want.
You will have to pop off the roller and empty the dusty remains of your crusty feet every few minutes.

corrie E. talbot
Great product

My husband is a concrete pumper and tends to work in soaking wet boots sometimes. His feet were terrible with thick calluses and such. This kit did wonders on his feet today! Highly recommend it

Jessica H. kimura
Worth Every Penny!

Very easy to use! The accessories were an added bonus! I especially liked the callus remover tool! The electric foot file would make a great gift for anyone! Would definitely purchase again!