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LilaBoo Smart Touch Bracelet for Long Distance Lovers

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

LilaBoo Smart Touch Bracelet for Long Distance Lovers

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Distance Only Means so Little When You Have the LilaBoo

There’s nothing more difficult in long-distance relationships than longing to feel connected with your loved one. The LilaBoo smart bracelet for long distance lovers is just the pair you need if you want to feel as if your loved one is just near! This smart long distance touch bracelets sends real time reminders of love, sweet notes, and touch prompts that make you feel and remember your special person’s love for you, and vice versa! This lightweight bracelet comes with smart technology to help you feel the love of your long-distance loved one in real time!

Why Choose LilaBoo? 

The bracelet that brings long-distance lovers closer than ever! The smart long distance watch comes with a technology that sends notes, reminders, prompts, vibrations that will let your special person feel that you’re thinking of them.

The smart touch bracelet that allows you to make real time prompts to your loved one. By connecting the LilaBoo to its app, you can send real-time prompts that will be felt by your pair.

Easy-to-wear, long-lasting bracelet. The durable, lightweight bracelets are a breeze to wear!

LilaBoo Features

Features technology for remote connections! Whatever the prompt you’re sending, your loved one will get a flashing light that tells them you were thinking of them. You will love the blinking light that tells you your lover remembers you.

App-compatible bracelet that allows you to do many real-time prompts. After connecting with the LilaBoo app, you can send various prompts including sending love vibrations, messages, and real time reminders of special events.

Stylish couples bracelet you can wear anytime! Lightweight, elegant smart touch bracelets that you can wear anytime, anywhere.

Colors of the LilaBoo’s lights are customizable. You can choose for up to 8 colors!

Long battery life! Have access to the best love bracelet features for a long, long time with the the LilaBoo long-lasting batteries.




Customizable colors for your bracelet’s light signal. 

You can set reminders by selecting a LED color of your liking from the bracelet’s app.

How to First Set Up Lilaboo Bracelets


  • Water Resistance: Waterproof
  • Connection: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Compatibility: IOS & Android system
  • Materials: Zircon, stainless steel, Leather Rope
  • Size: Adjustable.Men: 17-21cm; Women 15-18.5cm
  • Battery Life: 15-30 days it depends on how often you use it.
  • Packaging & accessories: Button Battery