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LightLift Led Face Mask Light Therapy, Red Light Therapy for Face, Wireless High Dose Red, Infrared & Blue Light Therapy Mask for Skin Rejuvenation,Anti-ageing

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LightLift Led Face Mask Light Therapy, Red Light Therapy for Face, Wireless High Dose Red, Infrared & Blue Light Therapy Mask for Skin Rejuvenation,Anti-ageing

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Hello, skincare aficionado! Have you ever wished for a magic wand that could just wave away those pesky wrinkles and dull skin? Well, your wish is our command! Introducing the LightLift LED Face Mask, your personal fairy godmother in the realm of skincare. This isn’t just a face mask; it’s a high-tech, skin-revitalizing powerhouse that’s all set to transform your skincare routine from mundane to magical.

Imagine a world where you can combat wrinkles, brighten your skin, and enjoy a rejuvenating facial therapy, all while binge-watching your favorite show. Sounds too good to be true? Well, buckle up, because with the LightLift LED Face Mask, you’re about to embark on a skincare journey that’s as thrilling as a roller coaster ride, but with none of the scary drops!

The Power of Three

The LightLift LED Face Mask harnesses the power of red, infrared, and blue light therapy. This trio of light therapy is scientifically proven to be effective on human skin, reducing wrinkles, promoting collagen regeneration, and brightening skin tone. It’s like having a team of skincare superheroes at your disposal!

Precision at its Best

At LightLift, we understand the importance of precise wavelengths to achieve the desired results. Our LED face mask features precise wavelengths of 820nm for near-infrared light therapy, 630nm for red light therapy, and 465nm for blue light therapy. It’s like having a GPS for your skin therapy!

High Energy and Colour Purity

Our LED face mask is equipped with 120 professional-grade lamp beads that are 6 times more energetic than most products on the market. Plus, with over 98% light purity, you can be sure that no harmful light like UV is mixed in to damage your skin. It’s like a high-intensity workout for your skin, without the sweat!

Unique Patented Design

The LightLift LED mask has a patented unique Silicone eye mask support that protects your eyes and an adjustable chin pad for a variety of face shapes. This means the mask not only covers the face perfectly but also reaches the neck skin. It’s like having a custom-made suit, but for your face!

Portable Home LED Device

With a cordless design and built-in rechargeable high-performance battery, our device frees your hands while providing the same clinically proven efficacy as a professional salon. It’s like having a personal spa, minus the “clinical” costs!

So, are you ready to step into the future of skincare? With the LightLift LED Face Mask, you’re not just buying a product; you’re investing in a skincare revolution. But remember, revolutions wait for no one! This little piece of the future is flying off our virtual shelves faster than you can say “LED light therapy”!

Great skin isn’t just about looking good; it’s about feeling good. And with the LightLift LED Face Mask, you’re just a few light sessions away from feeling like the radiant, confident, skincare-savvy superstar you are. So why wait? Light up your skincare routine with the LightLift LED Face Mask today!

Technical Specifications

Alright, tech-lovers, here’s the lowdown on what makes the LightLift LED Face Mask a skincare game-changer:

  • 120 professional-grade lamp beads
  • Precise wavelengths of 820nm for near-infrared light therapy, 630nm for red light therapy, and 465nm for blue light therapy
  • High energy level(30mW/cm²) for maximum benefit from light therapy
  • Over 98% light purity, ensuring no harmful light like UV is mixed in
  • Unique patented design with Silicone eye mask support and adjustable chin pad
  • Cordless design with built-in rechargeable high-performance battery
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Easy to use and maintain

So there you have it, folks! The LightLift LED Face Mask – where cutting-edge technology meets skincare. Get ready to light up your life (and your face)!





Q:What is Phototherapy/Light therapy? How does it work?

A:Phototherapy, also known as “light therapy,” uses low-level light therapy (LLLT) to stimulate photochemical reactions in the skin. By using the correct wavelength and irradiance, the LED light source can generate photons of light energy that are absorbed by chromophores in skin tissue, leading to improved cell metabolism and healthy cell proliferation.

The LightLift LED Light Therapy Mask is specifically designed to provide the skin with the optimal wavelength, irradiance, and low-intensity LED light dose, helping to activate keratinocytes and restore firmness to aging skin. LightLift LED light can also activate fibroblasts in the skin, promoting the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid, which deeply moisturizes the skin. Furthermore, the v LED mask activates procollagen synthesis by stimulating fibroblasts, leading to an increase in collagen that improves skin elasticity and clarity.

Q: How is the dose of the phototherapy mask calculated?

A: The dose of the phototherapy mask is calculated in joules per square centimeter (J/cm²), which represents the total energy delivered to the skin. The formula used for the calculation is dose (J/cm²) = irradiance (mW/cm²) × time (second). While low irradiance levels can require longer usage time, irradiance that is too low may not have any effect, regardless of the extended use time. Most home phototherapy products on the market have an irradiance below 5mW/cm², but the LightLift LED Light Therapy Mask is designed with an irradiance of 30mW/cm², ensuring a highly effective using.

Q: Why choose red, near-infrared, and blue light instead of the common seven-color light on the market?

A: These three lights are the only three kinds of light that have been proven effective by the scientific community. These are also the only three FDA-approved lights. The effects of other lights do not have enough support from sufficient scientific research, so we do not use them.

Q: Why combine red and near-infrared light therapy?

A: According to research by LightLift experts, wrinkle reduction devices that use red LEDs alone are not as effective at reducing signs of aging or improving the skin’s overall texture and skin tone, and its effects are greatly enhanced when combined with near-infrared light that penetrates deeper into the skin, exert the result of 1+1>2. So we combine red and near-infrared light, and when you choose “Red” mode, both lights will be on at the same time (near-infrared light is invisible, so the naked eye can’t see it).

Q: Does the number of lamp beads matter?

A: Just as a flock of sheep can’t compare to a lion, more bulbs don’t mean a more powerful mask. The light power density (irradiance) of the lamp beads plays a more critical role. The high-quality lamp beads imported from Germany used by LightLift can reach the irradiance value of 30mW/cm² with only 40 pieces to achieve the best effect. Most of the products on the market that are less than two hundred dollars have an irradiance value of less than 5mW/cm², although their number of lamp beads may exceed one hundred.

Q: Can phototherapy masks completely replace other skin care and anti-aging products?

A: No, in fact, the right skin care products can make the effect more significant. A phototherapy mask is a kind of beauty instrument, which can promote cell metabolism and improve the youthful state of skin cells. After phototherapy skin care, more attention should be paid to skin care processes such as hydration. Light therapy also has a biphasic effect, and the right operating time and optical power density can achieve a more ideal effect, so you may not use a light therapy mask every day, but you can continue to use skin care products every day.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Deborah Sanders
It's an amazing face mask

I have used several days about this led face mask, I use twice a day red blue light blending mode (online tutorials are mostly once a day), currently I don't have any discomfort, and usually use a tall nutrition frost before cover it, my face looks bright after take off the mask , I hope it can quickly reduce the skin spots and wrinkles.love it!

Jaqueline Davis
Worth the money

I just prop myself up on the couch and let it sit on my face for 20 or 30 minutes with a podcast on and let me tell you this is some self care! I do honestly feel refreshed after which is kind of mind blowing being that it's just light. For the price, I'd recommend trying this light therapy mask out!

Evelyn Steed
Youth in your hands.

I purchased this device with skepticism in my heart. I am on of those "show me" type people. After a week of intermittent use, once or twice a week, I thought I saw some improvement, like a lifting the of the corners of my mouth, a slight sheen or glow, if you will, to my face. Still skeptical, stated using it every other day, I am paranoid about radiation on my skin. And low and behold, after a month, not only I but others commented on the improvement of my skin. I am now on my second month and I am looking forward to more improvements.

Ann Cronk
Light therapy

Okay here I’m surprised completely !!! My skin is so refreshed even after one only session of the face mask !!! Such a great booster for skin and products absorption because of the way the skin react and absorb the goods of products . I definitely recommend it ! I use it twice a week like monday and Thursday before sleep

Kathleen Grubb
Can see diference on my skin after 2 weeks

I have never used a light therapy mask before. So this is my 1st time and so far Ihave very positive experience. I really like it is very light, easy to use, also mask is rechargeable and has remote control. By the way user manual is really good one, with very detailed information. I can not say anything I don't like.
My skin is combi oily and sometimes still have acne, it is really annoying, because I have try so many things, but still have it. So it is very easy to use it, after charging - when you switch on it is connecting to remote control. It is possible to choose red or blue light. I am using both light, but prefer more blue light for my acne. I am trying to use every second day in the evening. While I am using this mask, I don't feel anything. My skin is very sensitive, but I am happy no any redness or other signs of allergy. I have noticed some really visible results after 2 weeks only, but I hope in few months I will forget about acne at all.