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InkJet Professional Tattoo Machine Kit

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

InkJet Professional Tattoo Machine Kit

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Tattoo artists are known for their unique styles and techniques that are achieved by acquired skills and right machine. If you’re using a top-tier machine that you can comfortably maneuver, learning new tricks will be much easier and smoother.

InkJet is the best companion for tattoo professionals and beginners who want to improve or achieve their own styles in the industry. With Inkjet’s quality materials, easy operation and complete kit , you can never go wrong with it!

  • Tattoo pen machine: the tattoo pen motor is made in germany with high speed, high torque, low noise and long-lasting stability.
    Related parameters: high speed(9 v – 9000 r/min), super quiet (around 45 decibels)
  • Power supply: continuous and stable power supply with built-in short circuit protection. With dual-switch mode where you don’t have to step on the pedal all the time.
  • Universal compatibility: tattoo machine is compatible with all cartridge needles; tattoo needle cartridges / power supply fitted with rotary machine

-Rotary tattoo machine is made of space aluminum alloy.

-Designed according to hand engineering which makes it easy to work with less hand fatigue.

-Tattoo needle cartridge is finely assembled which gives a smooth finish.

-Compatible with all rotary and pen tattoo machines.

-It is made of 316L surgical stainless steel, high durability and  fast coloring.

-Tattoo power supply has stable performance and does not generate heat after working for long hours.

-5 minutes after the tattoo power supply stops working, it will automatically sleep.

–Rotate to turn the device on.

Package List:

  • 1 * rotary tattoo machine
  • 1 * tattoo power supply
  • 1 * tattoo foot pedal
  • 1 * DC head hook wire
  • 1 *exquisite packaging box
  • 15* mixed size cartridge tattoo needle
  • 20* tattoo ink cup