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HairFlex Ionic Hair Straightener Brush – Quick Heating Comb with 6 Temperature Settings, Auto-Off, and Anti-Scald for Effective Hair Care

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HairFlex Ionic Hair Straightener Brush – Quick Heating Comb with 6 Temperature Settings, Auto-Off, and Anti-Scald for Effective Hair Care

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

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Hey there, hair superstar! Ever wished for a magic tool that could turn your hair from ‘bedhead’ to ‘red carpet ready’ in a matter of minutes? Well, it’s time to stop wishing and start styling because your hair fairy godmother is here! Meet the HairFlex Ionic Hair Straightener Brush – your new secret weapon in the quest for perfect hair. This isn’t just a brush, it’s a hair transformation superhero that’s about to swoop in and save your day! Get ready to say goodbye to bad hair days and hello to hair that’s straight out of a shampoo commercial!

Brand and Features

Straight Hair in a Heartbeat

  • Forget about spending hours trying to tame your mane. The HairFlex Hair Straightener Brush heats up in no time, turning your hair from frizzy to fabulous faster than you can say ‘HairFlex’. It’s like having a personal stylist who’s always ready to jump into action!

All Hair Types, All Hair Styles

  • Whether your hair is as wild as a jungle or as delicate as a feather, the HairFlex Brush is ready to step up to the plate. With 6 temperature modes, it’s equipped to handle any hair type and style. From thick and curly to thin and straight, it’s the hair democracy we’ve all been waiting for!


Safety Meets Style

  • We know your hair is your crowning glory, and we wouldn’t dream of harming it. That’s why our brush comes with an anti-scald design and a safety auto-off feature. Plus, the LED display ensures you’re always in control. It’s like having your own personal hair stylist who always puts your safety first!

Your Ultimate Travel Companion

  • With its wide voltage range, this brush is ready to travel the world with you. Whether you’re jetting off to Paris or catching a bus to the local mall, HairFlex is ready to go wherever you do. After all, why should your hair game suffer just because you’re on the move? It’s compact, convenient, and ready for adventure!

A Brush That Cares

  • The HairFlex Brush doesn’t just straighten your hair, it cares for it too. The PTC heating technology and ionic generator work together to make your hair smooth and shiny while reducing damage. Plus, the dense comb teeth are designed to meet the needs of all kinds of hair quality and thickness. It’s a brush that loves your hair as much as you do!

Suitable for various hairstyles

So, are you ready to take your hair game to the next level? With the HairFlex Ionic Hair Straightener Brush, you can achieve salon-quality hair from the comfort of your own home. But hurry, these brushes are selling like hotcakes! Grab yours now and let your hair do the talking!


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jill Nichols
5.0 out of 5 stars Simply the Best! 100% recommendation

This product is simply the best straightening brush (iron). My first used and I loved the results. I loved the fact that I can brush my hair from the scalp/root without the concern of being scald unlike other flat irons I would have used prior. It doesn't dry out the hair either. I have very thick 4b hair which can sometimes be difficult to manage. After using this brush, my hair feels so much lighter, silky and easy to handle. I love my curly hair but it shrinks up so much. It's nice to see the true length of my hair. My hair feels and looks healthy and my hair colour is just brilliant. This product was thoughtful manufactured for my hair type... I'll recommend it 100%!!

Susan McWilliams
Would reorder

This product is AMAZING. I have purchased countless items in the past that would claim to "straighten and smooth" my hair; none performed as described. I took a chance at making this purchase as I personally do not of anyone who has this product. The results I experience leave me speechless! This brush transforms my hair from wavy/curly and a little frizzy into shiny, styled and smooth! I look as though I just walked out of an expensive salon. Needless to say, I am going to have to purchase another one as my son loves this brush as much as I do. I will be recommending this for my friends without hesitation. I am finally, finally satisfied. This brush should be advertised on TV, you would run out of stock!

Dolores Knudson
The straightening brush has changed my life - for the better!

I love my straightening brush! I have thick hair (25 minutes, with a blow dryer to dry) that is wavy and frizzy. The brush straightens my hair, removing the frizz and wave, without removing the body in my hair. Straightening irons always left my hair limp. It is easy to use and quick. It only takes 2 brushings of a clump of hair to straighten it. I’m able to go several days with one washing - the brush erases my bed head and heats up in no time. I’ve had no trouble with it causing damage to my hair. I do more damage with a hairdryer. It’s affordable and I can’t imagine that brushes priced more than twice the cost of the do a better job. I wish I could have had a straightening brush decades ago. I’d have worn a lot less pony tails 😊.

Tracy Coleman
Straightens 4B Hair. A must-have!

I was skeptical about this product. After a lifetime of burning my neck and the tips of my ears trying to straighten my hair with hot combs and flat irons, I had little faith that this brush would straighten my hair to the root safely or well. Wrong!!! I braided my hair in 4 sections, let it dry, applied heat protectant, and got to work. Not only can you put this puppy right against your scalp and not get burned (thanks, rubberised tips!) but it straightens well and quickly. I got through my whole head in about 45 minutes. It normally takes me 2 hours plus.

Kristin Bassett
Exceptional heating brush

The Hair Straightening Brush is quite the beauty tool. I purchased the brush for my adolescent daughters who have thick and coily hair. After their hair was washed and completely blow-dried, I put the brush to work. I was completely impressed after passing the heated brush through my eldest daughter's hair. The unassuming tool left her hair smooth, soft, and frizz-less. The brush was just as effective on my youngest daughter's hair. The temperature setting for our purpose was just right and didn't overprocess the hair. Overall, the product is well worth the investment.