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GrovaLine Tattoo Pen Set,Tattoo Machine

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

GrovaLine Tattoo Pen Set,Tattoo Machine

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

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Tattoo pens can make or break the tattoo you’re creating. Deal with lousy tattoo pens and you might get a sloppy tattoo – and a dissatisfied customer. So how do you make sure you get your tattoo goals right every time? With a professional tattoo pen like GroveLine.

GroveLine is a high-precision, high-speed tattoo pen that allows tattoo artists to get better at their tattooing game.


  • High Precision, Continuous Operation. The GroveLine makes tattooing smooth, and easy. The pen glides well, preventing tattoo mistakes from happening.
  • Low Noise. The GroveLine is created to emit low buzzing sounds that are not intimidating to clients.
  • Ergonomic design. With the GroveLine, you can enjoy a better grip while you create your masterpieces.
  • Better shades and coloring. With this pen, you can create stark shades and more vibrant colors – all thanks to its 9000 rotation/minute feature. You won’t have to worry about dealing with mediocre output – the GroveLine helps your tattoos look professional and high class!

Tattoo kit accessories list

  • 1*Quality Rotary Tattoo Pen (for lining and shading)
  • 1*Digital tattoo power supply
  • 1* Power cable
  • 1*Tattoo foot pedal
  • 20* Tattoo needle (1003RL.1205RL.1207RM.1009M1 five each)
  • 5*Sheets of transfer paper
  • 1*Small thickening practice leather
  • Non slip bandage 2pcs(2.5x450cm)
  • 1* Large glove
  • 1*Tattoo Toolbox(33*27*8cm)



Tattoo Pen Specs

  • Motor specifications: Φ24.1*30.7 shaft length 12mm
  • Color: fine sand black + red circle
  • Rated voltage: 10V DC
  • Rated power: 4.5W
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Production process: CNC machining, fine polishing, oxidative coloring
  • Working voltage and speed: 6V speed 3780RPM
  • Interface: DC interface 8V
  • Speed: 5040RPM
  • Starting voltage: 4.0V 9V
  • Speed ​​6300RPM
  • Needle stroke 0-4.0mm
  • Needle length 3mm


Working voltage 7-11V, must not be overloaded for a long time, the maximum withstand torque is 189.3g.cm