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GoddessXO Wireless Hair Curling Automatic – Best Cordless Hair Curler

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

GoddessXO Wireless Hair Curling Automatic – Best Cordless Hair Curler

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

automatic Hair Curler by unishh

Beautiful Curls in Minutes!

Adding curls to your usual hairstyle can easily elevate your looks whether you are just feeling a little fancy, or you’re going to a special event! Having a curling wand can save you time and money that you could otherwise spend in an expensive salon. For all the beautiful, curly hairstyles you need, there’s GoddessXO.

Unlike other intimidating, complicated-to-use curlers, the GoddessXO is easy and very simple to operate. You will literally not break any sweat while you curl your hair. Don’t worry about those difficult hand movements that only cause arm strain – the GoddessXO removes the complicated step by automatically maneuvering the hair to completely simplify hair curling. Let’s not forget that the GoddessXO is also cordless, meaning you won’t have to worry about dealing with wires tangling up and restricting your movements!

Cordless Magic Hair Curler – Unishh

GoddessXO Features:

 This wireless curling wand makes the curling process easy. If you love curling your hair, you’re probably familiar with the struggles that come with it – wires getting tangled, wires restricting your movement, complicated twists you need to make just to achieve that great curl. Not anymore with GoddessXO. This wireless curling wand is a breeze to use. It comes with an automatic hair curler that speeds up the curling process.

Get the right curls all the time, every time. Do you get frustrated when you’ve done everything but your curls don’t look as good as you want them to be? The GoddessXO will do that job for you. Its automatic curler will feed hair into the curling slots so you can get the right curls even on the first try.

✔ It’s chargeable and portable. You can bring this wand anywhere! Do you want to rock pretty curls every time? The GoddessXo can help you achieve that. This wand is battery-powered,  portable, and compact – you can bring this anywhere!

 Get options when it comes to curling. Whether you wish to rock big curls, or you prefer narrow, sleek curls, you can have it with the GoddessXO.

 The power of this curler lasts long! In one charge, you can get the curling power for up to 60 minutes!


1. Press and hold the power button to start.

2. Place a piece of hair into the barrel and press the oval button until you hear beeping.

3. Once the barrel has stopped and you hear two beeps slide the Infinity Curler away from your head.

1 x Auto Curler Cordless Hair Curling Iron
1 x Hair Comb
2 x Hair Clip
1 x USB Cord
1 x User Manual
1 x Box