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GlowxyShine Foldable Lighted Mirror with Three Light Modes

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

GlowxyShine Foldable Lighted Mirror with Three Light Modes

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

“This feels like having my own portable vanity mirror!” – Alexa, Beauty Enthusiast

Think high-quality vanity mirrors without the expensive price, the complicated assembling process, and the bulk – this is what you’ll get with the GlowxyShine lighted mirror!

This lighted mirror with three light modes eliminates any shadowy angles and highlights hard to see areas that help you do your skincare routine and makeup effectively.

With high quality LED lights, the GlowxyShine can make you feel like you’re sitting in a professional makeup chair, ready to be made up in the best way possible!

The GlowxyShine portable lighted mirror is 100% travel friendly – it’s like having a vanity mirror wherever you go. The compact, fold-and-go design of the GlowxyShine makes it easy to bring it in tote bags, luggage, and beauty boxes!

Why Choose GlowxyShine?

It’s portable, compact, and perfect to use everywhere! GlowxyShine comes with a lightweight design that allows you to comfortably carry the light mirror with you to the office, during travels, and during events.

It has the right lighting modes for all types of beauty needs. The light mirror with multiple lighting modes is excellent for makeup in different locations. With the three lighting modes – natural, cool, and warm – you can get the right lighting mix wherever you are.

It’s perfect for beginners and professional makeup artists. Also great for makeup and skincare enthusiasts. You don’t need to slash out bucks to get the right light for your skincare and makeup needs.

The vanity lights help you make your makeup and skincare routines better! This light mirror allows you to see all the spots that need makeup or skincare products.

It comes at the right size – enough to help you see the entirety of your face. You won’t have to scoot, squat or get an uneven reflection of your face! With a 7.6″ x 5″ dimension, your view won’t be limited.

The Brightest LED Light Mirror with 20 LED Lights! 

This super bright portable light mirror does not skimp on the light department. With 20 LED lights to brighten and highlight your face, you will see every spot, every corner without fail. It offers the brightness you will need for makeup and skincare.

The Light Mirror with Three Light Modes

You won’t have to deal with lights that don’t match your needs anymore. The GlowxyShine foldable light mirror comes with the following light modes:

  • Cool – for natural makeup.
  • Natural – for light, normal makeup.
  • Warm – for dark, party looks.


Light Modes are Adjustable with a Touch Screen

The screen of the GlowxyShine can be used to adjust the light intensity and light mode. Simply slide left and right to adjust the modes according to your preference.

Rechargeable Travel Light Mirror with Long Lasting Battery

This light mirror has a long-lasting battery and mobile-power charging feature. When fully charged, the mirror can be used continuously for 1.5 hours!

Package Includes

  • 1*light mirror
  • 1*USB cable