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GleamingCo Nano Ionic Facial Steamer

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

GleamingCo Nano Ionic Facial Steamer

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Is Your Skin Battered From Stress and Pollution? Give It the Best Reviving Care From GleamingCo Facial Steamer!

Steam therapy is the number one way to fight loose skin and large pores. With our GleamingCo facial steamer, you can open your pores and deeply hydrate your skin. Open pores mean less breakouts, and less clogs to stretch out your pores.

The GleamingCo facial steamer softens dirt and oil in pores, so it can easily be washed away. And with less clogged pores, your skin absorbs more of your facial serums. Cool to the touch, the steamer starts producing steam in seconds.


  • 100ML Tank: The large capacity tank saves you from having to refill the tank mid-treatment. When done, simply empty the tank and allow it to air dry.
  • 9 Minutes Of Steam: Enjoy 9 minutes of continuous warm steam. The unit heats up quickly and starts producing steam in 10 to 30 seconds.
  • Simple Operation: With one touch operation, this facial steamer is easy to use. Plus, there’s nothing to sanitize so the same unit can be used for multiple people.


  • Hydration From Within: Moisturizers sit on top of your skin, but steam therapy reaches deep into your pores to hydrate your skin on a deeper level. The warm steam opens your pores so they can fully absorb the water droplets.
  • Opens & Cleans Pores: The warm mist expands your pores loosening stubborn oil and grime. Once the debris in your pores is softened, it can easily be washed away.
  • Optional Aromatherapy: Why go out when you can have a spa night at home? For soothing aromatherapy, add a few drops of essential oils to the water tank.

How to Use?

  • Step 1. Cleanse your face thoroughly and pat dry.
  • Step 2. Fill up the 55 ml water tank with distilled water.
  • Step 3. Insert the water tank back into the skin steamer.
  • Step 4. Connect the plug into the power outlet.
  • Step 5. Turn on the device and steam for up to 9 minutes. For dry, dehydrated skin, use for 8-12 minutes. For combination skin, use for 12-15 minutes. For oily skin, use for 15-20 minutes.


    • Rated voltage: 220V/110V
    • Frequency: 50hz
    • Input power: 280W
    • Water tank capacity: 100ml


Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Nicole smith

Set up for the facial steamer was very quick and easy. The directions that came with it were very straightforward and the steamer was ready to use within seconds. The compact design of the steamer makes it easy to take with you if traveling and the simplicity of the design makes it look higher end and perfect for an at home spa experience. There was a consistent flow of steam that was able to cover every angle of my face without too much movement on my part. The coverage was throughout and made extraction for blackheads easy. There is no way to adjust the heat setting however, the heat was a good temperature for opening up facial pores and it was tolerable and comfortable.

Jennifer McDowell

This is great for adding moisture and for hydrating your face. I have dry skin constantly and I use this at nights when I am feeling extra dry. Super easy to set up and use. The directions are very clear but I didn't even need them as its so easy. Clean up also is a snap. Pour out any extra water in the sink and I use a baby wipe to wipe it all down and you're done. After I steam my face I put on my night moisturizer and I am so soft in the morning : )

Constance Hayden

An Amazing Machine for the Cost... Gives out Lots of Steam... Very Effective Must Use Distilled Water Shut Off Automatic... Nice Machine for the Price does exactly what I need. Shipped Very Fast Packaged Well...

Doris mcClain

This is a really nice face steamer that heats up very quickly and gives a good amount of steam. Easy to use. Have been using before a skincare treatment for blackheads and it really helps it work.

Gladys J. Lopez

I bought this facial steamer to reduce my pain in case of sinuses. It’s helpful and easy to use. It’s noiseless and lightweight. After steaming the face you can use a facial mask and enjoy it.