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FreshBeauty 8L Thermoelectric, Portable Mini Skincare Fridge

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

FreshBeauty 8L Thermoelectric, Portable Mini Skincare Fridge

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Make Your Skincare and Cosmetic Products Last Longer with Fresh Beauty!

Discovering the right ingredient for your skin is one thing, but learning how to prolong their shelf life and maintain their effectiveness is a different story. Most of us often place our beauty regimens on countertops, vanity areas, or other places with uncontrolled temperatures. Although we say it’s a decent area to store these products, little did we know how “unsafe” it is especially for some specific ingredients. As a result, it could lead to spoiling, oxidation, or, worse, ineffective.

You’re spending a lot of money investing in your beauty regimen. Therefore, it is essential to ensure you store them properly to avoid wasting every penny. You can do this by getting yourself a professional and specifically designed mini-fridge to handle all your beauty products’ storing needs. It gives you the right amount of capacity and the fitting atmosphere to make your skincare and cosmetic products last longer.

Introducing Fresh Beauty Mini Skincare Fridge

Fresh Beauty is the latest line of mini skincare fridges that takes traditional storage to new heights. It comes with a cool and warm feature to properly host the right temperature for all your beauty products and prevent spoiling or oxidation. With its 8 liters capacity and double-layered shelves, it’s easy to organize and declutter for a more appealing, well-soothing vanity area.

Top Features:

  • Controlled Temperature: This support comes in handy for those with varying skincare storing needs. The Fresh Beauty Mini Skincare Fridge comes with a cool and warm temperature to deliver a more controlled environment for your beauty products to last.
  • Vanity Mirror with LED: Turn your vanity area into a luxury, personal care space. We’ve designed Fresh Beauty to provide the appropriate storing condition for all your beauty products and offer a suitable aesthetic that fits a queen. It’s simple yet luxurious.
  • Minimalist Interior: Simplicity is better than over-the-top designs. Hence, we’ve transformed our Fresh Beauty Mini Skincare Fridge with the most minimalist interior so that you can declutter easily and store anything conveniently.
  • CFC-Free and Noiseless: The Fresh Beauty is safe and user-friendly. There’s no toxic or harmful chemicals emitted and no compressor vibration for an environmentally friendly and silent operating skincare fridge for your vanity area.

More Reasons Why to Choose Fresh Beauty

Cold & Warm 8L Fridge

The 8-liter compact beauty refrigerator has two modes: heating and cooling. The low temperature can reach -2°C and is perfect for preserving the freshness of cosmetics and skincare products and cold drinks, medicines, and fruits. It can also maintain the temperature of hot drinks to about 60°C.

Stylish Mirror with Light Design

The refrigerator door is designed with mirror lights specially designed for your makeup and regimen processes. The LED light is controlled by a touch sensor switch, and the brightness can be adjusted through the touch screen. This can also be done in dark or poorly lit places.

Compact Design and Portability

The Fresh Beauty Mini Skincare Fridge comes in a lightweight, compact, and highly portable design. It is suitable for your vanity area as a skincare and cosmetic products fridge or a portable mini fridge for your outdoor activities. The small and stylish design makes it the perfect cooling or heating equipment wherever you go!

CFC-Free Refrigeration and Silent Design

One thing that makes the Fresh Beauty Skincare Mini Fridge stand out is its no compressor vibration design that allows efficient cooling with less noise. The portable refrigerator only emits up to 28 dB, which is quite enough for your ears not to pick up. We guarantee that the Fresh Beauty would never cause a disturbance, even if you place it in your bedroom.

AC/DC Adapter

Our Mini Skincare Fridge supports standard household power outlets and 12V car chargers. You can take it anywhere and keep all your perishables safe from spoiling, including natural face masks, vitamin C serum, and so on.


  1. Please make sure to run the cooler/heater only when the vehicle engine is turned on. Otherwise, the battery power may be exhausted.
  2. To carry out the cold and heat conversion, please allow a 1 hour rest time before operating.
  3. The Fresh Beauty Mini Fridge comes with automatic temperature control that stops working when the temperature reaches 60°C and automatically works at 55°C. The heat will remain at 55-60°C.

Product Specifications:

  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
  • Brand Name: Fresh Beauty
  • Defrost Type: Frost-Free
  • Dimensions (L x W x H (Inches):12.6×10.3×14.2in
  • Power (W):45W/55W
  • Voltage (V):12V/100-240V
  • Type: Compact
  • Material: Plastic, Plastic+Glass
  • Installation: PORTABLE
  • Freezer Capacity:8L
  • Fridge Capacity:8L
  • Application: Hotel, Car, Outdoor, Garage, Commercial, Household
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Product name: Mini Cooler Box Car Refrigerator
  • Function:Mini Cooler Function Cooling
  • Capacity:8L
  • Name: Fresh Beauty Mini Skincare Fridge
  • Keyword: Portable Fridge Alpicool
  • Usage: Car Home Dual-use
  • Applications: Food, Drink, Skincare, and Cosmetic Storage
  • Description: Personal Plastic Mini Refrigerator
  • Style: Modern