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FlexiStyle Cordless Hair Straightener, Rechargeable Flat Iron, Ceramic Mini Size, USB-C Charging, Adjustable Temp and Travel-Friendly

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FlexiStyle Cordless Hair Straightener, Rechargeable Flat Iron, Ceramic Mini Size, USB-C Charging, Adjustable Temp and Travel-Friendly

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Introducing the FlexiStyle Cordless Hair Straightener, the ultimate solution for effortless styling on the go. This compact and rechargeable flat iron offers a sleek and convenient way to achieve smooth and silky hair wherever you are.


Say Goodbye to Cords: Experience the freedom of cordless hairstyling with the FlexiStyle Cordless Hair Straightener. No more hassle with tangled cords or searching for power outlets. It’s the perfect travel companion and ideal for quick touch-ups throughout the day.

Fast Heating for Instant Results: With upgraded 15-second fast heating technology, this hair straightener is ready to use in no time. The high-quality ceramic heating plates ensure even heat distribution, helping you achieve a perfect look in minutes. Plus, the cool-touch cover keeps it safe to handle without the risk of burns.

Suitable for All Hair Types: The FlexiStyle Hair Straightener offers three adjustable temperature settings, ranging from 320℉ to 392℉. Whether you have delicate colored hair, normal textured hair, or thick and wavy hair, this versatile flat iron has you covered.

Compact and Travel-Friendly: Measuring just 9 inches in length and weighing only 12 ounces, this mini-sized flat iron is designed for portability. It easily fits in your handbag or gym bag, making it perfect for on-the-go touch-ups or styling your bangs.

USB-C Rechargeable: Say goodbye to disposable batteries. The FlexiStyle Cordless Hair Straightener features a powerful 4800mA rechargeable battery that provides up to 45 minutes of usage time on a full charge. Simply plug it into your power bank, computer, or USB adapter for convenient charging.

Upgrade your hairstyling routine with the FlexiStyle Cordless Hair Straightener. Experience the freedom of cordless styling, enjoy fast and efficient heating, and achieve salon-quality results wherever you are. Don’t wait any longer to embrace effortless styling. Add the FlexiStyle Cordless Hair Straightener to your cart now and enjoy flawless hair on the go!

Note: For the best results, please fully charge the device before the first use.


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Tammy Rutledge
This is my new favorite cordless hair straightener

Holy smokes! This is hands down the most amazing flat iron I have ever owned. After finally murdering my most beloved and precious professional grade ceramic flat iron on my stubborn and thick and long hair I was sad to have to go on that whole journey to replace that thing. You know the one where you buy like 6 more until you finally come across the one that you fall in love with and makes your life easier?! So in my hunt I saw this had a huge amount of absolutely awesome reviews. I thought not for that price it can't be that great........ man was I wrong. This sweet piece of heaven heats up in seconds, I don't have to part my hair out into a million sections to get the whole head and massive amount of hair straightened. I have that booty length hair that's constant frizzy, thick as all get out and not really curly, definitely not straight and absolutely cannot be left to chill out naturally without having a half alfro/matted dogs fur.... yeah annoying right? So taming this thing is hard. This baby does my whole head in about 10 minutes flat if I'm really taking my time and being meticulous about it. So worth every dollar and every girl needs this in their lives!

Lillian Green
Perfect Straight hair instanly

I bought this hair straightener one day when I woke up and saw that my hair had no shape (I have straight hair) and it was messy. I wanted something instantly. The best thing was that the product arrived in hours !!!!! amazing!!! I was able to go to my party well combed. It is medium in size and has temperature control to take care of your hair whether you use it with wet or dry hair. Very easy to carry for travel. I loved!

Shirley Bell
This is the best ever!!!

I use a straightener to curl my hair. My hair is past shoulder length, and I wanted a straightener with a longer plate. This is the best straightener I have ever used. Creating curls is almost effortless. And my hair holds the curl for 2-3 days without having to do touchups. As in...I wake up, put my hair in a pony for workout, shower with a shower cap, and after all of that, I don't have to touch up my curls. I highly recommend this straighter!

Cheryl Ruiz
Best straightener I’ve ever owned

My old straightener was about 14 years old and the plating was starting to come off and the casing was wearing. When I was looking for a replacement, I wanted one with larger plates to suit my longer hair and a higher temp setting to suit the coarseness/curliness of my hair. I just used it for the first time, and I’m sold. One pass per section is all it took to completely straighten. It literally cut the time it takes to straighten my hair in half, and it’s smooth, shiny and not at all dry. Unreal. Highly recommend!

Evelyn Morrison
Can't believe how well it works!

I bought this for my daughter who I constantly find in my bathroom using my super expensive flat iron. After the first use, we couldn't believe how well it worked! She has thick, somewhat coarse, wavy hair. This straightens it and de-frizzes it in one pass! It might work better than mine and it is 1/4 of the cost. She like to use high heat so I can't speak to how it works on lower heat (which I usually prefer). But I can say she has used all her flat irons on high heat and none of them have only required one pass on her hair like this one. I will update the review later to see if it causes more damage than others because of this. However, we are both currently happy with this purchase!