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FlaunTix Hair Straightener Hot Comb

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

FlaunTix Hair Straightener Hot Comb

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Unlock Your Smooth, Soft, and Shiny Hair with FlaunTix

Take salon professional styling at home with FlaunTix Hot Comb and enjoy different styles that fit your mood for the day. It’s the most gentle, non-damaging hot comb on the market today—with 4 various uses all in one device. Whether to blow dry your hair or flaunt ’em curls, the FlaunTix got you covered!

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Lock Moisture Inside Your Hair

We know how frustrating it can be trying to combat dry and unworkable hair. You’ve attempted home remedies; you’ve tried so hard but to no avail. The FlaunTix Hair Straightener Comb combines 4 valuable functions to keep your hair lusciously healthy. Besides straightening your hair, the comb can dry, style, and volumize, helping to create the perfect look every time. 

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Heating Protection

Heat protection is a necessary precaution for the use of any hair drying tools. The FlaunTix Hair Straightener Hot Comb provides exactly that, cutting the power when the motor’s temperature reaches above 160°, to prevent any unnecessary damage. Please make sure to allow the product to sit for a while once heated.

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  • Heating material: resistance wire
  • Number of segments: three gears (0,1,2,3).
  • Voltage: 110V 50-60Hz
  • Temperature: 60℃-120°℃
  • Power: 1200W
  • Size: 340*80mm

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Package included:

  • 1x Hot Hair Comb
  • 1x User Manual

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