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FaxoSpark Makeup Brush Cleaner with Automatic Spinning Function

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

FaxoSpark Makeup Brush Cleaner with Automatic Spinning Function

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Keep Make Up Brushes Safe To Keep Your Skin Glowing – Get the FaxoSpark Now!

The quality of your brush can make or break your look! Having a clean makeup brush can help you get extra peace of mind that you’re not putting any icky stuff on your face!

Featuring the latest in cleaning technology, its creators have reintroduced the FaxoSpark – the makeup brush cleaner that effectively eliminates dirt off your favorite makeup tools. With a spinning action that quickly removes the build up of dust, grime, oil, and product residue off your brushes, you can really make sure your brushes are clean and safe to apply and use on your face!

What Makes FaxoSpark A Must Have?

  • The FaxoSpark is created with the safest, eco-friendly material to make sure that no harmful chemicals transfer from the cleaner to your brush! 
  • In just 30 seconds, you will get cleaner, newer-looking brushes. For just a shorter amount of time, you can be assured that your brushes are squeaky clean.
  • What makes FaxoSpark so quick and efficient in cleaning your brushes? The secret lies in the powerful motor that comes with the FaxoSpark. The powerful motor enables intense rotations that will strip dirt off your brushes in just a few seconds! Even the inner portion of your brush will get the cleaning power, too!
  • The brush cleaner compatible with all the makeup tools in the market!
  • The perfect gift for beauty enthusiasts! The electric makeup brush cleaner is the best choice for gifts, perfect for women, ladies, wife, girlfriend, lovers, and family members.


💄The quickest way to clean your brush! The FaxoSpark promises to clean your brushes in under 30 seconds. Now, cleaning your brushes won’t take too much time and effort!

💄The makeup brush cleaner that includes 8 collars for more uses. The FaxoSpark is compatible with most makeup brushes in the market. The device can clean big face brushes and small eye brushes.

💄Includes a powerful motor that provides 500 rotations per minute. Quick cleaning made possible with the powerful motor that provides 500 rotations per minute to effectively remove all bits of dirt from your brushes.

💄Remove 99% of the dirt with the FaxoSpark. You can trust the FaxoSpark when it comes to giving your squeaky clean brushes. It removes 99% of makeup build up, dirt, oil, and dust!

💄 Automatic makeup brush cleaner that makes cleaning brushes easy and efficient. All you have to do is insert the brush inside the cleaner and press the button to start the cleaning process.

💄100% Safe for the skin. The FaxoSpark is made from safe, non-toxic materials.

💄Great gift for makeup enthusiasts! One of the best gifts for your friends and loved ones who love makeup!


How to use?

  • Select the suitable collar and push the brush in.
  • Once you’ve secured the brush, pour in the cleaning liquid.
  • Make sure that the brush head is completely soaked in the water.
  • Turn on the spinner, turn the brush to clean.
  • Change the clean water and clean the brush again.
  • Turn the brush to dry.


  • Material: ABS + silicone.
  • Colour : Gold、White、Black
  • Charging method: USB charging.
  • Function: Electric makeup brush cleaner for quick cleaning and drying

Package Includes:

  • USB Cable
  • Brush Spinner Bowl
  • Spinner Devise
  • Brush Spindel
  • Collar Stand
  • 8*Flexible Brush Collars