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FanzeeTips Nail Polish Remover Clips For Removing Nail Polish and Gel Polish

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

FanzeeTips Nail Polish Remover Clips For Removing Nail Polish and Gel Polish

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Prep Your Nails Like a Pro With the FanzeeTips Nail Polish Remover!

If you love bright, elegantly colored nails, you know that removing your existing nail polish is essential to beautiful nails. The drill is a classic – add solvent to the cotton, and rub it onto the nails endlessly. Although that process works, it can be terribly time consuming.

What would you feel if you get a nail polish remover that takes off polish bits from your nails in just a fraction of a second? That is what you’re going to get when you get the FanzeeTips nail polish remover!

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The FanzeeTips Difference

💅 The tool that cuts the cleaning time in half!  Say goodbye to manually cleaning your hands of polish. The FanzeeTips allows you to simultaneously remove nail colors off so you can have more time on designing them again.

💅 A product that professionals trust. Professional nail care experts call this product “a lifesaver in the salon!”

💅 The FanzeeTips nail polish remover thoroughly cleans polish off your nails. Unlike manually using the cotton and solvent combo, the FanzeeTips can melt away any remaining nail polish off your nails thoroughly. Once you remove your fingers from the tips, you’ll get nails ready for coloring.

💅No more endless rubbing! It’s an exhausting step. Time to ditch it.

💅A nail polish remover kit that can last with you for a long, long time. The FanzeeTips is made from durable materials that ensures you it will last for a long, long time.


FanzeeTips Features

👏 An effective and intensive at-home nail polish and gel polish remover. Skip the salon lane – the FanzeeTips comes with a complete kit that can deliver the same benefits like the ones you can get from an actual salon.

👏 Salon-level nail cleaning at an affordable price. For an affordable price, you can remove gel polish, take care of your nails, and help bring out the best color quality – all from one kit.

👏 The kit includes nail clips that allow you to  prep nails simultaneously. The FanzeeTips come with nail clips that allow you to apply and coat fingers with solvent simultaneously.

👏 The product that gets your nails ready for nail care in just 5 steps. You won’t have to get through a lot of complicated processes – your nails will be ready in 5 easy steps.

👏 The complete nail polish remover kit that includes all the essentials. The kit includes clips for applying the solvent to the hands, brushes, nail files, and nail scrubbers.

👏 A portable, durable kit you can bring anywhere. Great for traveling, and for nail-care on the go!


How to Use the Nail Polish Remover Kit from FanzeeTips


First, remove the top layer of the gel using a sand file.

Second, wrap the nails with acetone and put on clips.

Next, wait for 18-30 minutes.

Fourth, after removing the clip, gently scrub off remaining polish.

Lastly, apply preferred nail color or polish.

Package includes

(Part 1)GEL REMOVER SET 10 nail clips + 10 toe clips + 1 pcs 60ml Polish Remover Push Down Pump Bottle + one pack of nail pads; (Part 2) NAIL FILE SET: 1 pcs 100/180 grit nail file + 1 pcs 400/4000 grit Nail Buffer + 1 pcs Nail Brush;

(Part 3) STAINLESS STEEL REMOVER TOOL: 1 pcs Triangle Cuticle Peeler Scraper double-ended