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FairyWaves Automatic Hair Curler- Get Curly Hair in Just 9 Seconds

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

FairyWaves Automatic Hair Curler- Get Curly Hair in Just 9 Seconds

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

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Do you want instant curly and wavy locks without the risk of burning your fingers, ears or destroying your natural hair? Well, we’ve heard your wish and got you, FairyWaves! With just a little swish and flick, you can skip the complex and risky steps and achieve gorgeous curls in no time!

With more women wanting to have gorgeous and naturally looking curly hair, hairstyle tools also enhance and improve. One example of these is FairyWaves. This device was a product of all those struggles of every woman whenever they are curling their locks. So we made an automatic curler that is adjustable, heats hair thoroughly and evenly, can work in any direction, and is suitable for people, even those without experience. Get this now and get a fast, easy, and safe result!

About FairyWaves

  • 9s Automatic Hair Curlers for Long Hair – FairyWaves is so easy to operate. You only need to choose the right temperature according to your hair’s nature. To curl the right amount of hair at once, press the rotation button, take out the hair after 9 seconds, and see the beautiful result. It also has an auto-pause feature that makes it easier for people of all ages with or without experience—making a perfect curly hairstyle for you, fast, easy and safe.
  • Right/Left Two-way Rotating Hair Roller – The constant temperature and automatic rotation feature heat hair thoroughly, evenly, and long-lasting. At the same time, the two-way buttons swirl your hair in the direction you want, making it so easy to navigate. It also comes with ample negative ions that seal moisture within the hair and protect the scalp, eliminates frizz and static electricity to the most extent, leaving hair long-lasting and beautiful.
  • 4 Temp Adjustable Rose Design Curling Wand – With four temperature options (160℃ 180℃ 200℃ 220℃) and 9 seconds timer design, FairyWaves creates different curls with different amounts of hair and is suitable for all hair types. It’s recommended to begin with a lower temperature to keep the hair safe. Its beautiful color and rose design are amazingly luxurious, making it an excellent gift for young girls, ladies, and fashion moms.
  • Long-Lasting Hair Styling Tool -The complex hair design is simple and easy to use, suitable for users of all ages, experienced or inexperienced. Follow the instructions and enjoy the new look in a few minutes. Let you easily create a beautiful hairstyle while keeping your hair smooth, shiny, and attractive after curling.
  • Used Safely Hair Iron Curler– The power cord can be rotated by 360 degrees without winding. Coming with 100-240V dual output ensures it works safely worldwide. The ceramic crimping chamber has a heat insulation function, which can protect your skin from scalding during use. It is portable and ideal for traveling.


1. Super easy to use- Please refer to the operation video to be safe before using it. You don’t need any complex instructions; once you’ve used it, it becomes second nature.
2. Fast heating and convenience- 9 seconds timer default setting is amazing for even-looking curls. Maybe you take hours to curl your hair with a traditional curling iron, but with FairyWaves, this may take you ten mins on your 1st try.
3. Ability to change curl directions- It’s useful for those with hair that flips in different ways and on different sides of the head. This will help them prepare and have curly hairs in no time!
4. Lower temp for loose curls & higher for tighter curls- The higher the temperature, the smaller your loops. So if you’re going for a more loose natural curly look, please set the temperature at about 160.

This iron is suitable for a variety of hair:

Hair varies between chin to shoulder length

Length – 3-inches below the shoulder

Bob that’s grown almost to shoulders

Long & thick hair

Not for short hair. The shortest hair recommended would have to be shoulder length.

You can do tight or loose curls, lower curls, or higher up curls. SO JUST GET IT.