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Eros in Love 24k Gold Eternal Red Rose

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Eros in Love 24k Gold Eternal Red Rose

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Do you remember the exact moment your heart started fluttering for her? You can easily bring that exciting feeling back. Win her heart and sweep her off her feet all over again with the Eros in Love 24k Gold Eternal Red Rose.

This rose is intended to mean more than a replica of a real rose. It was made to capture the enchanting beauty of a rose in full bloom and enhance its overall beauty with a touch of sophistication. It will be a gift she can cherish forever and can even be a piece of decor at home.

A red rose stands for love that is warm, passionate, and enthusiastic. Make her feel special on her Valentine’s day, her birthday, or any occasion by reminding her of your eternal love.

Every single petal, as well as the intricately detailed leaves and luxe stem, are all carefully crafted by expert artists and lined with 24K gold plating.

They take extra care and attention to detail to ensure that the flower looks just, if not more enchanting, in real life than in the picture. You’ll want to capture the unboxing moment on camera as it would be a surprise not just for her but you too.


  • Forever rose and everlasting love. An eternally preserved rose flower is a memorable gift for a special woman in your life, whether she’s your lover, family, or friend.
  • Exquisite 24K gold-plated rose. Made from real roses and preserved with natural protein resin, the lines on the silky smooth petals and leaves are still clearly visible.
  • Perfect for any occasion. Each Eternal Red Rose is nicely packaged in a gift box to ensure that it reaches your loved one undamaged and ready to make her heart sing.

  • Speaks to your loved one for you. With no words needed, you can express your unique love through a special way of saying “I love you” and carry that love for years.
  • Made with a delicate and expert touch. Each rose takes three months, a 64-step process, and a whole lot of professional craftsmanship to be completed.
  • A precious keepsake and beautiful decor. Keep it encased in a glass vase or stand and display in your lovely home that’s sure to catch everyone’s eye.

Package Inclusions

  • 1 x 24k Gold-Plated Rose
  • 1 x Gift Box