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EmvoNailz Electric Nail Drill Machine – Professional Nail Drill

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

EmvoNailz Electric Nail Drill Machine – Professional Nail Drill

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Professional Nail Care That Doesn’t Cost a Fortune – All Yours with EmvoNailz!

If you love the world of nail care, you’ll know that nail drills always take centre stage. Prepping the nails for manicure and pedicure is an important process. However, it can take a while when done manually. If you are a big fan of nail care, and if you want to save more time in prepping the nails so you can put more focus on the beautifying process, the EmvoNailz is definitely a must-have! This automatic and electric nail drilling machine eliminates the drilling time and gives you great results that will make your manicure and pedicure look extra beautiful!


What Makes EmvoNailz such a must-have?

The high-speed nail drill can operate up to 35000 rotations per minute. 
The high-quality bearing of this electric nail driller can work with up to 35000 rotations per minute. The fast, high-rotation function of this nail driller makes removing nail polish and dull nails faster and easier.

The nail drill is portable and cordless – perfect for travelling and cleaning nails on the go. With a fully charged battery, you can use this nail drill for up to 12 hours. This chargeable and cordless nail driller is great if you’re travelling. You won’t have to deal with messy cords, and different power voltages all the time.

The nail driller that are heavily used in nail salons. The nail driller features a powerful motor, and the latest in bearing technology that does not only feature topnotch rotations, but also an efficient way of removing icky stuff off your nails.

The portable and lightweight design of the nail driller makes it super low-maintenance. You can clip it in your pockets and in your bags. You don’t need to worry about it consuming so much space.

The Smart LCD screen shows you all you need to know about your nail session. Your operation status will be displayed on the screen, including precise RPM and battery. This feature allows you to customize the nail speed or intensity to your preference.

Beautiful Hands and Feet Made Possible at Home – Say Goodbye to Expensive Salon Prices!

If you consider clean hands as an investment but you aren’t a big fan of slashing out your savings just for frequent nail care sessions, the EmvoNailz is a great choice. This automatic and electric nail driller is trusted by professionals, reliable, features the latest technology, and will save you tons and tons of bucks.

Full Aluminum Pen and Easy to use


  • 35 Watt nail driller machine. 
  • Speed ranges from 0-35000 rotations per minute. 100% adjustable.
  • Main machine size: 126*121*38.5mm
  •  Material: Aluminum + ABS + Stainless steel
  • Color: Silver, Grey, Black
  • Grinding diameter: 2.35MM
  • Input Voltage: AC 110V,50HZ
  • Power: 30W
  • Digital display gear: 0-35

Package include: 1 x Electric Nail Drill Machine