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CoolTril 12L Energy-Saving, Temperature Control Skincare Fridge

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

CoolTril 12L Energy-Saving, Temperature Control Skincare Fridge

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



The Right Way to Store Your Beauty Products

Introducing a better way to preserve the shelf life and effectiveness of your favorite skincare and cosmetic products. The CoolTril is your convenient solution against oxidization and spoiling. Store the heavy-hitters of your beauty regimen properly and enjoy far-reaching effects when used with CoolTril!

Still storing your eye creams, essences in your kitchen fridge? It’s time to switch to a more professional and specifically designed mini-fridge to handle all your beauty product’s storage concerns. The CoolTril comes with a cooling and heating mode to host the perfect atmosphere for your skincare and cosmetic products to last.

Do You Really Need a Skincare Fridge?

Well, the answer is yes! But not all mini-fridges are built to accommodate the varying needs of your skincare and cosmetic products. If you’re someone who regularly reads product labels, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.

Some products or ingredients prefer to be stored at room temperature, while others require a cool, chilled place. That’s where the advantage of mini skincare fridges comes into place. With specifically designed participations to handle different bottle sizes and the ability to maintain a controlled temperature makes these innovative beauty devices a MUST-HAVE!

Why Choose The CoolTril?

Our Mini Skincare Fridge eliminates all the worries you have when storing your beauty regimen. It works for both cool and room temperature, giving you all-in-one storage for different kinds of products and ingredients.

We Combined Convenience and Lightness Into One

Our skincare fridge comes in a storage box design with 5 large storage spaces and a compact layout. The overall internal volume would give your up to 12 Liters of capacity enough to effectively store all your beauty regimen products. To further enhance the convenience of storing provided by the CoolTril, we’ve added movable drawers and detachable shelves to accommodate various products with different shapes and sizes.

Fashion Design

Spice up your vanity display with CoolTril’s gorgeous color combination and high-quality piano paint. This design gives the mini-fridge a practical and fashionable look that is suitable for multiple scenes. You can you the CoolTril to provide extra storage and beautiful aesthetics for your bedroom, dressing room, bathroom, and counter. If you’re someone who loves to redecorate your beauty haven, the CoolTril is the perfect piece to take it up a notch.

Advanced Technology

The CoolTril, an innovative storing solution for all the smart beauty goers. With its dual-voltage feature and thermoelectric structure, you’ll get an effective storage device to preserve the beautiful ingredients of your beauty products without thinking of the electric bill. That’s because once the CoolTril reaches 50ºF, the mini-fridge automatically turns on the energy-saving mode and uses the least power to save money and energy!

Temperature Control

The CoolTril’s temperature control feature is suitable for those with different product ingredients used in their skincare regimen. It supports cooling and heating to accommodate varying needs and sustain a suitable storing condition for all types of products. The cooling semiconductors fitted in the fridge are efficient and accurate in controlling the temperature inside to keep makeup and skincare products fresh at all times.

Maximize Space

With CoolTril, you can enjoy more storage capacity than other products available. Our maximized space design allows you to easily remove the inner shelf and container baskets to accommodate all products with varying shapes and sizes. Skincare products take a lot of investment; hence, we’ve made sure that you can do more and store more with our mini skincare fridge.

100% Energy Efficient

We also take our part in protecting the environment. That being said, our CoolTril Mini Skincare Fridge is powered by EcoMax Technology to provide a low-cost and energy-efficient storing fridge for all your beauty and cosmetic products.

5 Large Storage Spaces

We’re one of the few skincare fridge manufacturers that offer a specialized storage design. Our CoolTril Mini Skincare Fridge gives you the access to conveniently place lipsticks, essences, creams, and other skincare products at the right storing position. This support prevents spillage and ensures your fridge looks de-cluttered at all times.

The CoolTril is perfect for multiple scenes—whether it’s the bathroom, bedroom, dressing table, or even while you travel. With its advanced cooling and heating technology, you can even store foods and drinks.

Product Specifications:

  • Capacity: 12L
  • Color: Pink
  • Voltage: DC12VAC110V-240V
  • Power: 62W