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ClaroPack Clear Backpack Heavy Duty PVC Transparent Backpack Office and School Bag

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

ClaroPack Clear Backpack Heavy Duty PVC Transparent Backpack Office and School Bag

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

From School to the Beach to Your Favorite Picnic Locations – The ClaroPack Has Got You and Your Kids Covered!


More and more people are now transitioning into using clear backpacks for multiple purposes – schools requiring clear backpacks for security reasons; parents who aim to make carrying stuff easy for kids; travelers who love the flexibility and low-maintenance features of clear backpacks; and students wanting to make sure they aren’t missing anything for the day

Whatever your reason, you can trust on the ClaroPack to give you all the benefits that come with a transparent backpack – better visibility, sustainability, security, and convenience!

The ClaroPack and its five star ergonomic design and lightweight handles is the perfect backpack to bring to the school, to the beach, and even to picnic spots!

Why Choose ClaroPack

It’s one of the most durable clear backpacks you’ll ever find in the market! The PVC material of the ClaroPack plus the ruggedly reinforced straps of the bag makes this bag one for the tough days. It can carry items well, and can endure bumps and pressure!

The backpack that can handle heavy storage needs. The ClaroPack is a heavy-duty backpack that can carry up to 12 kilos of items without tearing or breaking.

Security-wise, the ClaroPack is your best bet. With improved visibility, you can trust the ClaroPack to help you see what’s inside your bag. If you’re going to pass through security, the ClaroPack will help you easily get through – the security team can easily see what’s inside.

The most ergonomic backpack out there! With thick, durable straps and a back-friendly design, you can carry the ClaroPack without pain.

ClaroPack Features

  • Durable backpack made of heavy-duty PVC material and ultra-safe zipper lock. The ClaroPack is made with new and improved PVC material and a secured zipper lock that makes it a durable and safe backpack.
  • Large capacity clear backpack with enough compartments and storage spaces. The total capacity of the backpack is 20-35 litres. This clear backpack can carry heavy items up to 12 kilos.
  • Better visibility with a clear design. A clear backpack with transparent material makes it ideal for those who value visibility and security.
  • Ergonomic straps and design make it perfect for school, work, travel, picnic. The best clear backpack with an ergonomic design to help you bring it anywhere without worrying about hurting your back.
  • 100% waterproof. The waterproof material is certified effective.


  • Material: PVC
  • Capacity: 20-35L
  • Function: water protection, theft protection, vibration protection,
  • Style: childlike and cute
  • Pattern: plain
  • Carrying parts: soft handle

Packing List:

  • 1*Clear Backpack


  • Please allow slight tolerances in size due to manual measurement, and lighting in photography may result in a difference in color than it is in real life.