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BeauxyUp LED Light Mirror with Touch Screen and Magnification

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

BeauxyUp LED Light Mirror with Touch Screen and Magnification

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

The Best Lighted Mirror for Your Vanity Table!

All the benefits of light mirrors with magnification are now available in the BeauxyUp trifold lighted mirror with touch-compatible screen and 4 magnifying mirrors! 

Why Choose BeauxyUp? 

The most complete mirror in the market! Everything you’re looking for in a light mirror for vanity tables is in the BeauxyUp – light, magnification, accessibility, and travel-friendly features.

Offers four magnifying mirrors to help you see all the details. The mirror has a 1x, 2x, 3x, and 10x magnification! The magnification you need for seeing the precision of your makeup to checking if your concealer, foundation, and eyeshadows is in the BeauxyUp.

The device that can provide perfect illumination for the face. With 22 LED bulbs, you can enjoy the best brightness for your face. The illumination is adjustable, too.

It’s the trifold mirror that makes applying makeup easier. No more dealing with dull, uneven lighting when you need to do the beauty routine. Whether you’re in the comforts of your vanity table or on the go, the BeauxyUp can help make makeup sessions easier.



BeauxyUp Features

Tri-fold Mirror with 5 Mirror Partitions for a Better Beauty View. No need to stack up with multiple mirrors for your vanity table. The BeauxyUp comes with 5 mirrors to help you see all parts of your face – your chin, your eyes, your cheeks, and even your forehead! This vanity lighted mirror makes sure you never miss a spot.

LED Light Mirror with 22 Bulbs That Can Illuminate Face Brightly! Get high quality illumination with the 22 LED light bulbs of the BeauxyUp. You won’t need to deal with uneven, dull lighting anymore.

Light Mirror With Brightness You Can Adjust With Just a Touch of the Screen. You can adjust the intensity and softness of the BeauxyUp with a swipe of a screen. Swipe left to soften light, and swipe right to turn up the brightness.

The Mirror That Offers 4 Magnification Options – 1x, 2x, 3x, and 10x. The lighted mirror with 4 magnification features can be used for the following:

1x – for viewing the entire face.

2x – for viewing the eye area.

3x – for the cheeks and chin.

10x – for zooming in to crucial spots.

180-degree Rotating Mirror Allows You To Achieve Any Angle. The foldable lighted mirror is perfect for achieving lighting at any angle you want. You can cover the hidden area of the chin, the sides of the face, and even the back of the neck.

With 2-Way Power – via Battery and USB. 

Travel-friendly Mirror You can Bring Anywhere! 





  • Built in light, 
  • Material: Plastic+Glass
  • Item Type: Makeup Mirror
  • Size:34.5*24*16.5CM /13.5*9.4*6.4in
  • Light: Adjustable
  • Power by: Battery (not included)/USB cable
  • Function: Touch screen, LED light
  • Rotating:180 degree rotating

Installing the batteries:

  1. Remove the battery cover on the back of the mirror
  2. Insert the batteries in the direction indicated inside the battery compartment. Please note that batteries are not included. 
  3. Be sure to insert the battery correctly ( +/ -)
  4. Replace the battery cover. 

Packing includes:

  •  1 * Folded Makeup Mirror Lamp(battery not include)
  • ​1* USB cable