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BeauteRix EMS LED Skin Tightening Facial Massager

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

BeauteRix EMS LED Skin Tightening Facial Massager

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Wrinkles Will Need to Have a Late Appearance – You Got the BeauteRix Skin Tightening Facial Massager on Your Side!


“I never had a facial massager that works this quick and as effectively as the BeauteRix. After one use, I can feel a huge difference!” –

Mandy, Skincare Enthusiast

What if you can get tighter skin in just a few minutes, and in the comfort of your home?

If you’re a big fan of aesthetics, but not of the exhausting and expensive processes that come with it – we hear you! We introduce the BeauteRix – a handy, super effective facial massager that can make your face feel firmer, more lifted, and more toned! 

This at-home facial massager saves you from spending hundreds of bucks on spa treatments! The device features both light therapy and EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) technology to minimize the appearance of wrinkles, lines, and sagging skin! 



✅ RENEWS SKIN CELLS – This Skin Tightening Device uses radio-frequency waves and light photon energy which will give your skin a warm massage all while promoting skin rejuvenation of collagen and hyaluronic acid by conducting muscle stimulation and mesoporation.
✅ TARGET FINE LINES & WRINKLES – Using EMS micro-current technology, our device stimulates the production of collagen, elastin and accelerates blood circulation increasing skin firmness, targeting wrinkles and reducing swelling for healthier-looking skin.
✅ YOU BECOME AGELESS – This FDA Registered facial device lets you defend aging and get rid of sagging neck and face, puffy eyes, furrow lines, crow’s feet (eye wrinkles), dark circles and face wrinkles if you have any or prevent those from occurring.
✅ SAVE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS – Don’t bother burning money on various face treatments at Salons/Spas every few weeks. This device is the best one-time investment that will keep your skin rejuvenated for years.
✅ PORTABLE & RECHARGEABLE – The slim portable design and rechargeable battery makes this the perfect home or travel beauty accessory. With the 5 in 1 skin tightening Device in your makeup bag, your skin will look radiant wherever you are.
✅ SUITABLE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES – Dry, oily, combination and even the most sensitive of skin can be comfortable using it.

All The Benefits Of A Face Lift Without The Surgery

Helps in skin rejuvenation, skin toning, wrinkle removal, anti-aging, skin renewal, pimple removal, blemish removal, anti-allergy, pore size reduction, and increasing skin elasticity.

Fine Lines And Wrinkles Are Visibly Reduced

This lightweight and portable device not only improves facial contours and skin tone but through its state-of-the-art technology it will noticeably reduce fine lines.

Short Treatment For Long Lasting Result

Helps skin absorbing the products more efficiently. Daily treatment is required. It is a rechargeable beauty device. The system will stop each 10 minutes automatically.

How To Use

  • Clean skin and make sure you are not wearing any metal accessories.
  • Apply lotion/essential on the skin and get the device ready.
  • Massage your skin with it for up to 10 minutes per day.
  • The system will automatically stop every 10 minutes.
  • Clean skin and device after use.


  • Function: Skin Firming, Anti-Wrinkles, Lead In Nutrition, Whitening etc.
  • Using Power: MAX 10W
  • Using Time: 10mins/time
  • Rechargeable Time: About 3.5 hours
  • Size: 9.25*4.92*3.38in
  • Color: Black、White、Pink

Package Content:

  • 1* Skin Tightening Device
  • 1* USB
  • 1* Charger Base
  • 1* English manual