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AquaFever Princess Cosplay Bikini Set Mermaid Tails

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

AquaFever Princess Cosplay Bikini Set Mermaid Tails

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Make Your Girls “Under the Sea” Dream Come True!

Every little girl dreams of being a Disney Princess one day. Some may want to wear big, shiny ball gowns and think like they’re Cinderella or Snow White, while others go for strong, warrior figures like Mulan. But if your little toddler wants to be the Princess Under the Sea, AquaFever Princess Cosplay Bikini Set Mermaid Tails is the best costume to make their Princess Ariel a reality.

Our mermaid tail costume comes with a beautiful gradient of colors that will make every little girl’s eyes sparkle. This bikini set is perfect for costume parties, birthday celebrations, and summer escapades. So let your kid’s imagination run wild this summer and be their fairy godmother and make their princess wishes come true!

The Perfect Birthday Gift

For your little girl’s birthday, make them the most beautiful mermaid princess they wished to be. The bikini set comes in a perfect set of colors that are Instagram-worthy.

Suitable for Outdoor and Indoor Activities

AquaFever’s beautiful mermaid suit is suitable for seaside vacations, pool parties, mermaid-themed parties, swimming, cosplay, taking pictures, etc.

Uniquely Designed for Your Little Princess

The beautiful mermaid tail has side zippers or bottom opening for easy wearing and walking. It comes with a princess-designed bikini top and panties that close-fitting, smooth, and comfortable to wear.

What to Expect with AquaFever Mermaid Tail Suit?

Fantasy Mermaid Tails

The AquaFever little mermaid tails can make every little girl’s mermaid dreams a reality. Let them swim their hearts out with the Fantasy Mermaid Tail and enjoy the colorful blend design that makes their mermaid fantasy comes to life. With AquaFever, your little ones will feel like a real mermaid and have fun flipping their fins in the water.

The AquaFever Mermaid Tails are the safest fantasy, cosplay mermaid suit you can get your kids. It’s made with quality and comfortable materials that don’t constrict movement when used.

Vibrant Fabric with Realistic Designs

Each scale of the AquaFever is crafted with every little girl’s mermaid dreams in mind! The tail features a realistic scale pattern with various breathtaking colors on a 4-way stretch swimsuit fabric. This fabric is breathable and durable, and its vivid hues won’t fade even after countless hours in the sun at the pool.

Easy Sizing for Easy Swimming

Our fantasy mermaid tails for kids come in various sizes, and choosing the best size for your little one is simple. Sizes are based on the child’s height and waist, not on the mermaid suit. This kind of measurement ensures the tails fit precisely to guarantee easy wearing and comfort when used.

Patented Monofin Included

The AquaFever Mermaid Tail comes with a patented monofin to hold both feet together and provide extra power with each kick. It consists of a sturdy polypropylene insert covered by soft neoprene fabric, making it easy to remove both in and out of the water. This monofin is smaller and shaped differently, but it provides the same magic in the mermaid tail, allowing your mermaid to swim faster and farther than before!

Package Include:

  • 1 * Mermaid Tail