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The Ultra Knee Elite™
Keeps You Moving Without Pain

Ultranet Fabric
Supremely comfortable moisture-wicking and ultra-tough.
Side Bolsters
Innovative design preventing knee twists and sprains while maintaining full movement range.
Meniscus Stimulator
Gently and constantly massages to improve tissue quality
Slim and Discreet Design
The Ultra Knee Elite was designed to go unnoticed! Its sleek design is ultra slim and will fit discreetly under pants
Provides gentle, soothing pressure to common pain points.
Ergolastic Pad
Wraps the knee cap to cushion and protect soft tissue.

The Ultra Knee Elite™ was specifically designed to keep your knee joints secure, stable and in place while also giving you the freedom to move like you did when you were younger. The only thing left to do is try it for yourself!

Free Yourself From Crippling Knee Pain And Improve Your Quality Of Life!

Near Instant Pain Relief
You’ll notice an immediate decrease in knee pain with the added support and stability.
Complete Knee Support
Provides the stability of a brace with extreme flexibility that allows you to move freely.
Improve Circulation
Reduce swelling and inflammation, while allowing fluids to deliver key nutrients to the knee that increase healing.
Faster Oxygen Delivery
Keeps your muscles working properly with efficient oxygen transfer.
Helps Prevent Injuries
Reduces compensations due to pain and supports healthy knee alignment.
Boosts Recovery Time
Ultra Knee Elite compression technology optimizes the circulation of essential nutrients to speed up recovery.
The Ultra Knee Elite™ Knee Compression Sleeve Is Perfect For